Pet Scoop: Deputy Resuscitates Cat After Fire, Ecstatic K9 Reunited With Military Handler

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Deputy Amanda “Brooke” Talbot saved the life of a cat after a blaze in its home.
Deputy Amanda “Brooke” Talbot saved the life of a cat after a blaze in its home.

Officer’s Fast Action Saves Cat

Two Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputies were the first officials to arrive on the scene of a mobile home fire outside Tampa Sunday. Resident Melanie Caffrey had escaped the flames but David Caffrey was still inside. The officers tried to battle the flames to get to the resident, but firefighters arrived and safely pulled him out. Then, Deputy Amanda “Brooke” Talbot found a cat who lived in the home who was unresponsive. She quickly grabbed her infant Ambu bag, which is a handheld device to provide ventilation, to resuscitate the cat. Hillsborough County Fire Rescue then provided the kitty with oxygen. Talbot wrapped her patient in a warm towel and kept it calm. She contacted BluePearl Veterinary Partners who offered to give the cat a free exam. A neighbor brought the cat in, and the vet said the cat should be fine. The neighbor will take care of the Caffreys’ pet until they are able to bring it home. — Read it at Tampa’s WFLA

Animals Evacuated From California Wildfires

There’s been an outpouring of help for animals from horses and cows to cats and puppies evacuated from the path of the wildfires in Northern California. The animals are staying at the fairgrounds in Calistoga, where veterinarians are on hand and so many supplies have been donated that organizers are having trouble dealing with the volume of it. “There is everything from water to rakes, to horse treats [and] dog food,” said Joy Fleming, who evacuated her family, along with her three horses, from Middletown. The wildfires have left at least one person dead and destroyed hundreds of homes. They've consumed more than 95 square miles, and firefighters are struggling to contain them. A veterinarian at the fairgrounds said the animals were stressed but that they’ve been fortunate to have “a lot of resources.” — Read it at People Pets

Study: More Than Half of Sea Turtles Have Ingested Trash

New research from the University of Queensland in Australia finds that 52 percent of turtles worldwide have eaten plastic or other debris cluttering the oceans. Ingesting plastic, in particular, can kill turtles by blocking the gut or piercing the gut wall, and can cause other problems through the release of toxic chemicals into the animals' tissues. The study found the east coasts of Australia and North America, Southeast Asia, southern Africa, and Hawaii were particularly dangerous for turtles because of the combination of debris loads and high species diversity. Earlier this month, another study from Australia found that nearly all of the world’s seabirds will have consumed plastic by the year 2050. The findings were published in the journal Global Change Biology. — Read it at Science Daily

Hattie showed how happy she was to be reunited with Staff Sergeant Terry White at the Philadelphia International Airport Monday.
Hattie showed how happy she was to be reunited with Staff Sergeant Terry White in Philadelphia Monday.

Happy Hattie Retires with Handler

Hattie developed a close bond with Staff Sergeant Terry White in Guam, where they patrolled for poachers and Hattie sniffed out explosives. They were separated when White was transferred back to the U.S. So, when veterinarians recently discovered that 3-year-old Hattie has an irregular heartbeat and would need to retire, White stepped right up to adopt his partner. Hattie couldn’t be happier with that plan. She couldn’t contain her excitement when she was reunited with White at the Philadelphia International Airport on Monday, jumping all over him, wildly wagging her tail and smothering him with kisses. “I’m so happy to have her. If you ask my wife, she’ll tell you, that’s all I’ve cared about the last few days is getting her here,” said White. The non-profit groups Mission K9 Rescue and the U.S. War Dogs Association will help White cover the costs of Hattie’s medical care. — Watch it at Philadelphia’s WPVI

Spanish Kitten Stowaway Found in U.K.

Paella, a 1-month-old kitten, is ready to start a new life in England after he was found on a truck from Spain by U.K. border officials at a port in Hampshire a few weeks ago. Officials believe he had stowed away with his family or may have been born inside the vehicle. He was taken in by Cats Protection, where he was treated for an eye infection. Veterinarians weren’t sure he would survive, but he has beat the odds. Paella will be in quarantine until November, when he’ll be ready for adoption in the Hampshire area. — Read it at BBC News


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