Pet Scoop: Doberman Eats Three Watches, New York Coyote Taken Into Custody

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Mocha the Doberman survived eating three watches thanks to her owners' fast actions.
Mocha the Doberman survived eating three watches thanks to her owners' fast actions.

Dog Recovers After Eating Watches

Mocha, a 5-year-old fawn-colored Doberman who lives in the Boston area, is recovering after consuming all three of her owner’s wristwatches. Owner Jeff Courcelle came home Thursday to find Mocha standing over a pile of screws, metal pieces and watch heads. With Mocha’s prior record, he suspected she ate them. The dog, whose owners describe her as “goofy,” had emergency stomach surgery last summer when she swallowed a piece of plastic from an orange juice container that damaged her intestine. So Courcelle and his wife, Michele Parkinson, brought the repeat offender right to the MSPCA’s Angell Animal Center. After an X-ray confirmed she had a stomach full of watch parts, a veterinarian removed “about a pound of leather straps and metal pieces" during an endoscopy, and let nature take its course for the rest of them, said MSPCA spokesman Rob Halpin. Mocha spent the night at the hospital, and by Friday, she was "her playful, energetic, curious Doberman self," said Parkinson. — Read it at CNN

Late Spring Complicates Amphibian Migration

Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont are home to several species of salamanders and frogs that travel to temporary bodies of water created by melting snow to mate and lay eggs. Their offspring then spend several months developing their legs before the vernal pools dry up in the summer. But due to the weather, the migration is a week or two behind schedule, and cutting into vital development time for the critters. It could affect millions of animals, said the National Wildlife Federation’s Eric Orff. "With a late spring and climate change predicting hotter, drier summers, we're really in a race against time before these vernal pools dry up, leaving these animals stranded to die," he said. —Read it from AP via Yahoo

Nylabone Puppy Chews Recalled

Nylabone’s Puppy Starter Kits were recalled last week for possible Salmonella contamination, although no illnesses have yet been associated with the chews. Pets who’ve been infected may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever and vomiting. Humans can also become sick from handling the contaminated products if they don’t thoroughly wash their hands afterward. Symptoms in humans include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping and fever. The recall includes one lot of the chews that were distributed nationwide. — Get more details at Food Safety News

A young, female coyote was safely captured by the NYPD Saturday.
A young, female coyote was safely captured by the NYPD Saturday.

NYPD Takes Coyote Into Custody

Police captured a coyote Saturday morning outside a café in Manhattan’s Battery Park City. Officers spent an hour tracking down the predator after getting 911 calls with sightings of it early that morning. Finally, they tranquilized the 1-year-old female coyote and transported her to Animal Care and Control for an examination. "It is healthy and will be released into an appropriate wilderness area somewhere in New York City, probably today," said a spokesman for the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation Saturday. There have been several coyote sightings in New York this year, and experts expect them to continue to increase as the animals become more comfortable in the city. — Read it at Reuters

Woman Reunited With Cat Lost in Donated Couch

Sara Danckaert’s black cat, Panther, disappeared on March 21, after she donated her couch to Habitat for Humanity ReStore. She panicked and left a voice mail message with a description of Panther with the store, but despite their best efforts, employees couldn’t find him anywhere. Then on Saturday, a month later, Panther darted out as they were moving furniture. The staff called Danckaert, who set a trap for her cat. By Sunday morning, he was waiting for her in the cage, and the two had a tearful reunion. “Yes he's a little lighter than he was, but he's still as affectionate," said Danckaert. "I can feel him purring, and he's already giving kisses again." — Watch it at North Carolina’s WCNC


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