Pet Scoop: Dog Abandoned in Move Gets Rescued, Cat Found Swimming in Arizona Lake

Oct. 26, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Boo made a new friend in Mike Diesel, who rescued him from the curb where he was loyally waiting for his family.
Boo made a new friend in Mike Diesel, who rescued him from the curb where he was loyally waiting for his family.

Loyal Dog Rescued From Curb

For a month after his family moved out of their Detroit home, Boo waited for them, along with the furniture they left on the curb. Concerned neighbors brought him food and water, but the loyal dog refused to budge. That’s when Mike Diesel of Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue stepped in to help. He spent 11 hours working to gain Boo’s trust by keeping him company and feeding him treats. He returned the next day with McDonald’s for Boo, and Boo allowed him to put a collar on him. Eventually, he felt comfortable enough to give up his vigil for his family and leave his old home with Diesel. The sweet dog is now in a foster home and enjoying visits from his pal while the rescue group works to find him a forever home. — Read it from Inside Edition via Yahoo

Cat Found “Swimming for Her Life” in Lake

Good Samaritans came to the rescue of a gray and white cat who was found swimming desperately in the middle of an Arizona lake on Saturday. A woman on a wave runner first pulled the cat out of the water, and called to Denise Vlahos, who was out on a nearby pontoon boat with her boyfriend. Vlahos, who has two cats of her own, said she would take the soaking kitty in. She tried to warm her up with a beach towel, and when she got home, the scared cat crawled “straight under the bed” in her spare bedroom. Vlahos says it’s “most definitely a miracle she’s survived,” and she’s trying to find the lost cat’s family. — Read it at People Pets

Manatee Sets World Record

At 68 years old, Snooty now officially holds the Guinness World Record as the oldest manatee living in captivity. The manatee has been living at the South Florida Museum since 1949, when he was brought in as an 11-month-old calf. Most manatees in the wild don’t even make it to age 10, so Snooty is quite the elder statesman. The museum staff credits the “intelligent” and “personable” manatee’s long life to the controlled environment he lives in with two other sea cows. — Read it at Seeker

A rare Eastern black rhino was born at the Great Plains Zoo last month.
A rare Eastern black rhino was born at the Great Plains Zoo last month.

Critically Endangered Rhino Born

A rare 103-pound Eastern black rhino was born on Sept. 12 to dad Jubba and mom Imara at the Great Plains Zoo in South Dakota. The critically endangered baby boy is one of 57 of his species North America, and there are believed to be only about 740 of the animals left in the wild. Their numbers have dropped drastically due to illegal poaching for their horns. The calf’s parents have had two other offspring, including a female named Kapuki in 2005 and a male named Kiano in 2010. Kapuki had her own first calf in 2013. — See photos at Zooborns

State Trooper Rescues Drowning Deer

Workers at a home in Harmony Township, New Jersey, called police when they found a deer struggling in a backyard pool on Friday. The New Jersey State Police said in a Facebook post that they “don't necessarily teach recruits in the academy how to rescue drowning deer, but we do teach them how to think on their feet and adapt and improvise when a peculiar situation presents itself.” And that’s what Trooper Dwayne Phillips did. He pulled the deer out by his antlers, saving him from drowning. The exhausted buck lay by the side of the pool for some time. Once he was recovered, he got up on his own and ran off. “Great job troop! #Attaboy,” the department wrote in the Facebook post. — Read it at Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley Live


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