Pet Scoop: Dog Adopts Siberian Tiger Cubs, Karl Lagerfeld’s Spoiled Kitten Has Two Maids

June 7, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Shar-Pei Cleopatra took to these abandoned Siberian cubs immediately, zoo officials say.
A Shar-Pei named Cleopatra is fostering two abandoned Siberian tiger cubs at a Russian zoo.

Shar-Pei Pitches in to Nurse Endangered Tiger Cubs in Russia

Minus the stripes, Cleopatra may look just like mom to a pair of Siberian tiger cubs who were abandoned by their mother in Russia. Note: Cleopatra is a Shar-Pei. “She accepted them right away,” the zoo’s assistant director told the Associated Press. Cleopatra nurses and cleans the cubs, Clyopa and Plyusha, as if they were her own. Siberian tigers, the world’s largest cats, are an endangered species, with only an estimated 400 left in the wild. — Read it at the AP via the Chicago Sun-Times

Bald Eagle Is Rescued on a Spokane Highway

A Good Samaritan saved a bald eagle who’d been hit by a car in Spokane, Wa., by wrapping him in a blanket, and bringing him to a veterinarian for medical attention. Veterinarians say that the eagle has improved since he was rescued — and has a fighting chance to be released. — Watch it at ABC News

Puppy Waits Two Days at Rest Stop for His Trucker Owner

Truck driver Michael Siau didn’t notice that Rambo, his 9-month-old Yorkie puppy, climbed out of his rig at a Hannibal, Mo., rest stop. It wasn’t until Siau made it to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, that he realized Rambo wasn’t asleep in the back. Siau, who says that he sobbed while trying to find his pup, was relieved when he finally got a call back from the Hannibal Animal Unit saying that the loyal dog was found waiting patiently for him at the rest stop. — Read it at USA Today

Karl Lagerfeld's cat, Choupette, plays with an iPad in bed.
Karl Lagerfeld tweeted this photo of his cat, Choupette, playing with an iPad in bed.

Designer Karl Lagerfeld Admits That His Cat Is “Beyond Spoiled”

The Chanel icon says that he has a “kept woman” — his kitten, Choupette. Karl Lagerfeld readily acknowledges in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) that the 9-month-old kitten, who he refused to give back to a French model after taking care of the kitten at Christmas time, truly lives in the lap of luxury. Choupette eats right at the table with Lagerfeld, and relaxes in bed (on her own pillow) while playing with an iPad. The kitty also has two maids who keep a detailed diary of her day, so Lagerfeld doesn’t miss a thing about his beloved pet. — Read it at ABC News

D.C. Cheetah Cubs Celebrate Their First Birthday

How do five cheetah cubs mark their birthday? With a custom “cub cake,” made from “meat and bloodsicles,” wrote keeper Lacey Braun on the National Zoo's website. Mom Amani helped the cubs indulge in their cake at a birthday party, complete with streamers and treats wrapped in gift boxes. The 1-year-old cubs are “still really playful but look almost like adults,” wrote Braun. The zoo recently announced that it's also caring for two newborn cheetah cubs. — Read it from the National Zoo, and see the pictures on Facebook

Plus: An adorable Grevy zebra foal was born at the Cincinnati Zoo, and named Savanna by the zoo’s Facebook fans. — See a video and photos at the Huffington Post

Stanley Cup Coverage — With Kittens

We may be in the middle of the Stanley Cup Finals, but it’s apparently still hard to get some people to care. What’s a sports writer to do? One journalist at the Wall Street Journal had a novel idea: He sprinkled kitten photos into a Stanley Cup photo gallery to coax more readers to view it. — See it at the Wall Street Journal

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