Pet Scoop: Dog Carries Oxygen for Little Girl, Secret Service Agents Help Ducklings

March 22, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Alida and Mr. Gibbs
Alida sits with her service dog, Mr. Gibbs.

Goldendoodle Gives Girl Newfound Freedom — One Breath at a Time

Three-year-old Alida Knobloch has her very own Goldendoodle puppy. But Mr. Gibbs isn’t just her best friend — he’s also her lifeline. When she was a baby, Alida’s parents learned that she suffers from a rare lung disease, requiring her to carry around an oxygen tank.

After seeing a TV show on service dogs, Alida's parents decided to investigate whether a dog could help tote around the tank. Enter Mr. Gibbs. The dog is still learning to understand some of his young charge’s commands, but he happily sits by her side as she goes for a ride on a swing and follows her down a slide. — Watch it at Today

Denver Zoo Debuts an Animal Poop-Powered Vehicle

If there’s anything that zoos have plenty of, it’s animal waste and trash from visitors. So the staff at the Denver Zoo has put the refuse to use by fashioning a motorized rickshaw that runs on the waste. The “poop-mobile,” called Tuk Tuk, will be used at the zoo's newest exhibit, Toyota Elephant Passage. According to a zoo official, the vehicle is “an energy solution that can create clean energy from trash.” — Read it at KDVR

Orphaned Baby Elephants Snuggle Up to Blankets for Comfort

At the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya, caretakers hang giant, gray blankets from bushes, giving orphaned baby elephants something to nuzzle up against while they feed. The blankets are meant to mimic the feel of their mothers. — See the photos at the Daily Mail

Duck Family Pays a Visit to the White House

A mama duck waddled right through the fence at the White House, but her ducklings struggled to keep up. So two Secret Service agents came to the rescue, lifting them through the fence to their mom. The officers got a round of applause from tourists who saw the adorable scene unfold. — Watch it at NBC Washington

Wisconsin Town Stirs Controversy Over a Curious Two-Dog Limit

After moving to Wausau, Wis., the Lecker family learned that the town has an ordinance capping the number of dogs per residence to two — but the Leckers have four pups. Now they're fighting a $114 per day fine, while they try to sell their house or convince the town to give them an exception. — Read it at Today

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