Pet Scoop: Dog Eats a Cheese Knife and Survives, Emu on the Loose in Vermont

February 23, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Bean the mastiff who ate a cheese knife
Bean the Mastiff has some explaining to do after eating a wheel of Brie and a cheese spreader.

Dog Ingests an Entire Wheel of Cheese — Along With a Knife

When you’re a 118-pound Mastiff, a pound of Brie may just look like a snack. And Bean, who lives in Boston, has eaten just about everything. But she really scared her owner when she ate a whole wheel of cheese, including the plastic wrapper — and a 3-inch cheese spreader. “Anything she can get her hands on she'll eat,” said her owner. “But the knife is what kind of really put the fear in me.” Doctors surgically removed the utensil, and Bean is now fine and recovering at home. — Read it at WHDH

Comedian Stephen Colbert Defends His Love of Kittens

Let's be clear: Stephen Colbert really does adore kittens. He addressed this pressing issue by cuddling with two adorable felines on his show after House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi released an “attack ad” targeted at Colbert’s Super PAC that accused him of not liking kittens. — Watch it at the Huffington Post

Red Panda Twins Debut at an Australian Zoo

Two red panda cubs, who’ve been bonding with their mom away from the public eye since their birth in late December, made a brief appearance at the Perth Zoo in Australia yesterday. — See the photos at Zooborns

Mountain lion sits in a tree
NBC Bay Area

Dog Forces Mountain Lion Up a Tree

Cats get chased up trees by dogs all of the time, but they’re usually not quite this big. A German Shepherd in Los Altos, Calif., defended his yard from a mountain lion, who ran about 30 feet up a tree to get away from the canine. The California Department of Fish and Game arrived on the scene, and let the big cat go when he finally scampered down. — Watch it at NBC Bay Area

Emu Eludes Capture in Vermont

A pet Emu who escaped from her enclosure in Grand Isle, Vt., has been on the lam for weeks. She’s been spotted several times — and she was nearly captured outside of an elementary school last week. "I think she's just enjoying her freedom," said Tonya Poutry of The Islander newspaper, who’s been tracking the emu’s adventure. — Read it at NECN

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