Pet Scoop: Dog Falls 30 Feet Onto Rocky Shelf, Builders Cut Pillar to Free Trapped Cat

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Firefighters in Idaho saved a dog who fell over a rock shelf on Sunday.
Firefighters in Idaho saved a dog who fell over a rock shelf on Sunday.

Firefighters Rescue Dog From Cliff

A small dog was out for a walk with her owners at Dedication Point in Idaho on Sunday when she jumped over a waist-high wall and fell 20 to 30 feet onto a rock shelf. Kuna Fire Department Captain TJ Lawrence was the first to scale down the wall to get to the dog, who wasn’t thrilled to see him. “The dog let me know right away we weren't best friends yet so I had to take my time and gain her confidence that I wasn't there to hurt her," he said. He covered her with his coat to keep her warm until Boise Fire Department arrived to assist. They lowered a stokes basket to lift the dog to safety. Her owners took her straight to the veterinarian, who said the dog will need surgery for her injuries, but is expected to be OK. — Read it at Idaho’s KTVB

High Court Hears Arguments in Service Dog Case

The eight justices on the Supreme Court heard arguments Monday in the case of Fry Vs. Napoleon Community Schools, which centers on whether a girl with cerebral palsy who was prevented from bringing her service dog to school could sue the school district for emotional damages. Ehlena Fry’s doctor prescribed the service dog when she was 5 years old to help her become more independent. Fry is now 12, and her Goldendoodle, Wonder, is semi-retired. Wonder and three other service dogs had clearance to go into the Supreme Court for the arguments but waited outside the building. The court is expected to issue its decision on the case in June. — Read it at U.S. News

Man Jumps Into Panda’s Enclosure in China

A man who leaped into a giant panda’s habitat at a zoo in China wound up in a wrestling match with the slumbering bear he was attempting to pet. Closed-circuit video showed Mei Ling started to wrestle with the man, who freed himself and ran for safety. Zoo officials said the man and the panda were unharmed in the incident, despite some rips in the man’s pants after his ill-advised visit with the bear. — Read it at Seeker

Construction workers cut into a newly built pillar to save a trapped cat.
Construction workers cut into a newly built pillar to save a trapped cat.

Cat Trapped in New Construction

Building contractors tore down a newly built pillar outside of a home under construction in Idaho after they heard a cat’s cries coming from inside it. The builders said the cat was likely trapped in the pillar for nearly two weeks. “Hi little kitty! We came to save you. Don’t be scared,” one of the workers can be heard telling the cat in a video of the rescue. “The builder was completely unaware that there was a cat hiding within the walls before enclosing the pillar and we were all happy to see it run free, towards its home!” read the description of a video posted on YouTube in late September. — Read it from UPI

Puppy Bowl Ref Judges Cute Costumes

The big competition is still three months away, but the referee with the best job in television is always ready to give points for cuteness. Puppy Bowl ref Dan Schachner, who’s already getting everyone psyched up for the big game, stopped by People Now to give his professional opinion on some adorable adoptable pets in costume. One of the favorites wasn’t a puppy at all, but a mama dog who’d just finishing nursing two litters — her own, and a second litter who needed help. Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XII will air on Feb. 5, Super Bowl Sunday. — Watch it at People Pets


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