Pet Scoop: Dog Falls Through Thin Ice, Utah Family Revives Kitten Found in Snow

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Rescuers pulled Bailey into a banana boat on Little Grand Lake in Minnesota.
Rescuers pulled Bailey into a banana boat on Little Grand Lake in Minnesota.

Crews Pull Dog to Safety

Bailey, a Rottweiler mix, ran on to thin ice on Little Grand Lake in Minnesota Wednesday and fell through. With the dog unable to pull himself back onto solid ice, Grand Lake Fire-Rescue and the St. Louis County Rescue Squad were called in to help. The crew “grinched their way across wafer-thin ice to pull Bailey into a banana boat and back to safety,” the squad wrote in a post with a photo on Facebook. The rescue squad is reminding people to be cautious around ice — especially at the beginning of the winter, when it may be thin. — Read it at CBS Minnesota and get tips for how to keep your dog safe around ice

Study: Scientists Find Pygmy Slow Loris Hibernates

Researchers from Austria have found that the pygmy slow loris, which lives in Cambodia, China, Vietnam, and Laos, hibernates to conserve energy. Previously, lemurs living on the island of Madagascar were the only primates known to hibernate. They found the tiny animals engaged in hibernation episodes between December and February that lasted up to 63 hours each. The researchers suspect the loris has an internal clock that helps induce the hibernation periods during seasons when food is scarce and the temperature drops. The study was published in the journal Scientific Reports. — Read it at Discovery News

Three New Poisonous Toad Species Found in Brazil

Measuring between one and 2.5 centimeters, three tiny new toad species were discovered in the Atlantic forest of southern Brazil. The toads are dark brown with red markings and are covered in warts. Their digestive process creates a chemical in the skin that can poison predators. One of the species is at risk of extinction. The Brazilian scientists emphasized the biological significance of the area where the toads were found. “This forest serves as an incubator for the origin of species," said Marcos Bornschein, a researcher with the Federal University of Parana. "It's a laboratory of huge importance for the mapping and conserving and understanding of biological processes.” The new species were described in the journal PLOS ONE. — Read it at

A weeks-old kitten was named Lazarus after he was brought back to life by a Utah family.
A weeks-old kitten was named Lazarus after he was brought back to life by a Utah family.

Family Resuscitates Freezing Kitten

A tiny kitten who was brought back to life by a family gathered for Thanksgiving was aptly named Lazarus. Branden Bingham found the kitten, who was only a few weeks old, lying in a foot of snow outside his family’s cabin in Utah on Thanksgiving morning. He said the kitten was lifeless, and he brought it into the house. His brother, Justin, who had taken veterinary classes, started trying to give it CPR and warm it up. He knelt by the fire with the kitten for more than an hour, rubbing its chest and trying to get the blood moving. Just as he was about to give up, the kitten opened his mouth. "Unbelievable what it looked like, what was going to be a sad start to a Thanksgiving ended up being what we would say is an early Christmas miracle watching this cat literally being brought back to life right in front of our eyes,” Branden said. Lazarus went home to live with one of the Binghams’ cousins, and is doing well. — Watch it at Salt Lake City’s Fox 13

Woman Knits 300 Sweaters for Greyhounds

Two years ago, Jan Brown left her job so she could spend all of her time helping rescued Greyhounds — by knitting them sweaters. Brown, who lives in England, has now spent more than 4,000 hours creating wooly clothing for the dogs. “Making coats and jumpers for these dogs saves the rescue homes a lot of money that can be better spent saving more dogs off the streets and feeding them,” she said. She said it’s “really sweet” seeing the Greyhounds in their “festive Christmas jumpers.” Brown sells coats for Greyhounds through her business Knitted With Love, and the money she makes there goes toward buying materials and paying for postage to send the sweaters to rescues. — Read it at People Pets


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