Pet Scoop: Dog Finds Week-Old Puppy in Trash, “Zombie Cat” Gets a New Home

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"Miracle" puppy Autumn was rescued from the trash thanks to a dog who found her.
"Miracle" puppy Autumn was rescued from the trash thanks to a dog who found her.

Hero Dog Saves Pup in Rubbish

“Miracle” puppy Autumn is alive and comfortably snuggling under blankets thanks to the determination of the dog who found her abandoned in Dublin, Ireland. The week-old puppy “would not have lasted probably even 24 hours if she had not been spotted by a very clever Terrier called Poppy, who when out for a walk with her owner ran over to the rubbish pile and refused to return when called,” the Dublin SPCA explained in a Facebook post Wednesday. “Poppy's owner had to walk over to see what Poppy was sniffing when she discovered little Autumn just lying there in the rubbish.” When her owner investigated, she found the puppy underneath the garbage pile and brought her to the SPCA. She’s now getting lots of TLC in the home of an experienced foster. — Read it at UPI

Study: Cat-Scratch Disease Can Cause Serious Illness

A new study by the Centers for Disease Control finds that while the total number of people infected with cat-scratch disease has gone down, the number of people who’ve become seriously ill with it has increased. The disease is caused by bacteria passed between cats by fleas. It can build up in the cat’s fur and gets on their paws and in their mouths when they groom themselves. If a person is then scratched by contaminated claws, they are at risk of getting the disease. It’s long been considered a mild illness, but the study finds it can be more serious for people with suppressed immune systems. — Read it at NPR

Seven Manatees Saved in Massive Rescue Effort

Dozens of volunteers worked Thursday to remove seven manatees from the golf course pond they’ve been stranded in since Hurricane Hermine hit Florida earlier this month. A storm surge had washed the marine animals over a bridge that separates the pond from a canal. While the manatees needed to be moved back to Crystal River, they weren’t exactly unhappy in their temporary home. “They've had a veritable buffet of vegetative life,” said Terry Natwick, a spokesperson for the Plantation golf course. “They're probably going to be really bummed that they're being taken out, to be honest with you.” The volunteers carefully hauled the manatees out onto land using nets. They were examined before being released back into Crystal River. — Read it at Tampa Bay’s Fox 13

Bart the "Zombie Cat" is fully recovered after being buried alive two years ago.
Bart the "Zombie Cat" is fully recovered after being buried alive two years ago.

“Zombie Cat” Finally Gets a Home

Nearly two years ago, Bart the “Zombie Cat” dug himself out of a grave where he’d been buried for five days and seemingly came back from the dead. The cat had been hit by a car and was mistakenly presumed dead by his owners. The owners took the severely injured cat to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, and the staff there argued he shouldn’t return to his former home. That led to a 20-month legal battle between the original owner and the Humane Society for custody of Bart. Now, the case has finally been settled out of court, and the shelter was able to keep the cat and adopt him out. On Wednesday, the now-healthy cat moved into his forever home with the Humane Society employee who’d been fostering him. — Read it from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Rescue Dog Wins Surfing Championship

Abbie, a 10-year-old Australian Kelpie, won first prize at the first World Championship for Dog Surfing in California last weekend. Abbie was 6 months old when she was rescued by the Humane Society Silicon Valley and adopted by Michael Uy, who used sports to help build her confidence. Eight years after she started surfing, Uy says Abbie is now the most awarded surf dog. — Read it at People Pets


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