Pet Scoop: Dog in Stolen Car Reunited With Owner, Cat Missing 6 Years Found

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Pooh was sleeping in his dog walker's car when it was stolen in Massachusetts.
Pooh was sleeping in his dog walker's car when it was stolen in Massachusetts.

Man Turns in Missing Dog

Pooh, a Shih Tzu and Poodle mix, was reunited with his owner Saturday, after a scary 48 hours. The 10-year-old pooch was asleep inside his dog walker’s car Thursday afternoon when she stopped at a home in West Roxbury, Massachusetts, to tend to another dog. While she was inside the house, her Subaru, which was running, was stolen with Pooh inside. Luckily, a Boston man turned the dog in to a local animal shelter Saturday morning, and his owner, Iris Sonnenschein, quickly came to pick him up. “He was very dirty and very tired and very hungry,” Sonnenschein said. “He gave us the silent treatment. I think he was a little ticked off at us.” She was grateful for the help she got in finding Pooh. “It is the best outcome you could hope for.” The stolen car was found on a local street, with two people sleeping inside. They were arrested. — Watch it at CBS Boston

Study: Male Mice Woo Females With Their Best Songs

A new study from Duke University finds that male mice sing different tunes for different occasions — and they save their fanciest tunes for females they are meeting for the first time. The high-pitched sounds can’t be heard by the human ear. The researchers used special microphones to record the mice. When the male was presented with female urine to sniff, he sang a loud, complex sound. Then, when he was placed inside the same container with her, he sang longer, simpler and quieter songs. The researchers said the females seemed to prefer the complex songs. The study was published in the journal Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience. — Read it at Discovery News

ASPCA Pushes for End to Dog Fighting

National Dog Fighting Awareness Day is this Wednesday, and the ASPCA is using the month of April to create a social movement to put an end to the cruel practice. They’re asking animal advocates across the country to #GetTough on dog fighting by spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter and taking a photo with your own pup in front of their downloadable #GetTough sign. They’re also encouraging supporters to sign a petition asking the U.S. Department of Justice to create harsher sentencing guidelines for dog fighters. — Find out more from the ASPCA

Cleo was missing for six years before she was found in Ontario and returned to her owner.
Cleo was missing for six years before she was found in Ontario and returned to her owner.

Strangers Bring Lost Cat Home

The kindness of strangers helped return Cleo, a cat who disappeared six years ago, to her owner, Amanda Graham. The calico cat went missing when she was just 1 ½ years old and Graham was going to school in Ontario. Cleo was found on the streets of Ontario in September and picked up by the local pound. She was facing euthanasia when she was taken in by Stuck in the Mud Animal Rescue. A faded tattoo from an Edmonton veterinary clinic in the cat’s ear — and some Internet investigation by her rescuers — eventually helped them find Graham. Then, in just a few hours, an online crowd-funding campaign raised the $1,000 needed to fly Cleo and a caretaker the 2,000 miles to Edmonton. Graham had a tearful reunion with her pet at the airport Saturday. “They’re just incredible, all these nice people doing this amazing thing for someone they don’t even know,” Graham said. — Watch it at Canada’s CTV News

“Disorderly” Goat Taken Into Custody

Police in Paramus, New Jersey, are looking for the owner of a wayward goat who was captured running in a roadway at 5 p.m. Saturday. Two officers corralled the animal after responding to "calls of a disorderly goat head-butting a door." The small white goat is being cared for at a local animal facility. — Read it from the AP via ABC News


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