Pet Scoop: Dog Missing a Week Found Trapped in Pipe, National Zoo Panda Turns 1

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Edgar was found stuck in a 12-inch drainpipe after he'd been missing for a week.
Edgar was found stuck in a 12-inch drainpipe after he'd been missing for a week.

Dog Survives in 12-Inch Pipe

Edgar is a little banged up, but he’s back home and resting after being freed from a narrow drainage pipe in his Ohio neighborhood. Sean Ryan was working in his garage earlier this month when his two newly adopted dogs, Edgar and Oscar, took off after a squirrel. Sean and his wife, Juli, searched all night, but to no avail. In the morning, Oscar returned, but without Edgar. They continued searching for Edgar, never expecting to find him where they did. Sean was out on a walk seven days later when he thought he heard something that sounded like Edgar. The whining got louder as Sean got closer to the pipe, and he took a peek inside. “He saw me and that's when he sounded the alarm, he started wailing and crying and then barking like, ‘Oh my gosh you're here,’” said Sean. The fire department came to the 4-year-old Retriever’s rescue, carefully cutting the pipe open to get him out. The Ryans took Edgar for veterinary treatment, and he’s now recovering at home with Oscar. — Watch it at Cincinnati’s WKRC

Hero Dog Dies Shielding Baby From Fire

A dog named Polo lost his own life protecting his owner’s 8-month-old baby from a fire that quickly consumed their Baltimore townhouse last week. Erika Poremski said she’d stepped outside to get something from her car, and when she turned around, she saw flames coming from the house. She tried desperately to get back inside and get to Viviana and Polo, but couldn’t get back in. Poremski believes the 6-year-old dog could have run down the stairs and outside to safety, but instead, firefighters found him covering the baby with his body. Viviana only suffered burns on her arm and side thanks to Polo. Sadly, it was too late for Polo, but Viviana is in serious condition and recovering. “He was everything to me along with my daughter,” Poremski said. — Read it at CBS News

Study: Turtles, Birds See Shades of Red Humans Can’t

A new study finds that a “red gene” in some birds and turtles that originated in dinosaurs gives them special color vision that allows them to see in shades of red that humans can’t detect. For example, two birds that look the same to us appear differently to birds with the CYP2J19 gene. Scientists think birds and turtles are the only land animals that still have the red gene. The study was published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B. — Read it at The New York Times

Mom Mei Xiang digs in to her son Bei Bei's first birthday cake at the National Zoo.
Mom Mei Xiang digs in to her son Bei Bei's first birthday cake at the National Zoo.

Zoo’s Pandas Celebrate Birthdays

The giant panda family at Washington’s National Zoo had one big birthday party on Saturday. Bei Bei celebrated his first birthday, his big sister Bao Bao marked her third, and their dad, Tian Tian, turned 19. All of their birthdays fall within the same week. But it was mom Mei Xiang who indulged in Bei Bei’s first birthday cake, packed with frozen juice, fruit and sweet potatoes, while the birthday boy himself stayed inside, away from the large crowd. — See photos from the National Zoo via Flickr

Visitors Witness Gorilla Birth

Visitors at BIOPARC Valencia in Spain got a rare treat on Thursday, when they got to see gorilla Nalani calmly deliver her first baby and gently clean her newborn. The zoo says the new mom had clearly learned from witnessing other births in her troop, and did all the right things with her infant. Gorillas are endangered in the wild due to poaching, human disturbance and other factors. — See photos at Zooborns


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