Pet Scoop: Dog Missing for 8 Years Turns Up Across the Country, Pandas Move to Scotland

November 29, 2011: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Petunia the pit bull
Huffington Post
It took eight years, but Petunia the pit bull is finally back home with her family.

Petunia Comes Home in Time for Christmas

After disappearing from her family’s Virginia farm eight years ago, Petunia the pit bull was finally found as a stray in California. A woman who was walking her own dogs spotted Petunia and brought her to an animal shelter, where a microchip revealed her Virginia origins. No one is sure how the dog made it across the country, but her shocked family is happy that she’ll be home for the holidays. — Read it at the Huffington Post

Plus: A Canadian family has been reunited with Whiskers the cat — six years after she wandered away from their farm. — Read it at CTV Saskatchewan

Paper Wasps Learn to ID Faces — Just Like Humans

They never forget a face. Compared to humans, paper wasps may possess a spec of a brain, but they have evolved similar face-recognizing abilities, report researchers. It’s “surprising and sort of bizarre,” said a graduate student who worked on the study at the University of Michigan. — Read it at Science Daily

Texas Woman Waits in Jail as Canine Evidence Against Her Stands

Megan Winfrey, along with her father and her brother, were charged with conspiring to murder the janitor at her Texas high school in 2004. Although her father and brother have since been acquitted, Winfrey, now 23, is serving the third year of a life sentence, while she waits for the courts to review her case. The key (and controversial) evidence against them? Their distinctive scent profiles — as detected by a trio of Bloodhounds. — Read it at The New York Times

Pandas in Scotland

Panda Pair Arrives in Scotland

Sunshine and Sweetie arrived via the chartered Panda Express and were greeted with the sounds of bagpipes and cheering crowds in Scotland, where they became Britain’s first pair of breeding pandas in 17 years. The 8-year-olds are on loan to the Edinburgh Zoo from China for the next 10 years. — Watch it at MSNBC

"Bionic" Cat Recovers Following a 4-Story Fall

When he tumbled from a window, veterinarians in England gave Sebastian only a 10 percent chance of survival. But three months later, the tabby has made a full recovery, thanks to metal supports in his legs — and his owners’ dedication. "He jumps a little bit higher now since the metal was put in him. He's become a bit bionic,” said his owner, Patison Harrigan. — Read it at the BBC News

Sarah Silverman Dishes About Her Still Peppy 17-Year-Old Dog

The comedian says her elderly dog, Duck, has tons of energy — for one hour a day. "He needs at least 23 hours of sleep a day, or else he's not himself," she told People. "But then in that one hour [that he's awake], he's so peppy it's crazy.” — Read it at People Pets

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