Pet Scoop: Dog Recovers After Eating School Project, Rare Penguin Treated for Cancer

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Roscoe survived after eating all of his teenage owner's panorama of a farm from the Middle Ages.
Roscoe survived after eating all of his teenage owner's panorama of a farm from the Middle Ages.

Dog Ate Teen’s Homework

Roscoe is lucky to have a happy ending after eating a diorama of a farm from the Middle Ages that Reagan Hardin made for her AP world history class at her Houston high school last week. The project included several plastic farm animal figurines, trees, grass and even some chicken wire, and Roscoe was very sick from consuming it all when his family brought him in to the North Houston Veterinary Specialists. Luckily, Dr. Carl Southern was able to use a scope to remove the items, so Roscoe didn’t need surgery. He’s made a quick recovery and is happily back at home. "Don't put anything past your dog," said Southern. "We always say my dog would never eat that, and that's the main thing he'll eat." — Read it at Houston’s KHOU

World’s Oldest African Penguin Treated for Skin Cancer

At age 40, Pueblo Zoo resident Tess is the oldest known African penguin. She’s also an important member of an endangered species that could become extinct in the next two decades, so when an aggressive form of skin cancer was found on her face, veterinarians at Colorado State University used specialized radiation to treat it two weeks ago. “If you didn’t know her, you would never guess she’s as old as she is,” said Pueblo Zoo veterinarian Dr. Kathy Wolyn. “That’s why we wanted to pursue further treatment for her tumor.” It will still be weeks before doctors can fully see how effective the radiation was. After two weeks of isolation, Tess was released back into her habitat Tuesday and reunited with her mate, Mongo. “She is an extremely tough girl and will not go down without a fight,” said her keeper, Melanie Pococke. — Read it at Colorado State University

Critically Endangered Gorilla Born in London

A healthy baby Western lowland gorilla was born at the London Zoo this week to 15-year-old mom Mjukuu and first-time dad Kumbuka. Keepers discovered the infant early Wednesday morning. “Mjukuu gave birth overnight, surrounded by the rest of the troop — who all seem very pleased, and quite intrigued, by the new arrival,” said keeper Daniel Simmonds in a statement. “She’s a brilliant mother,” he told ABC News. Mjukuu has been holding her newborn tightly against her chest, so Simmonds and other animal care staff haven’t been able to figure how the infant’s gender just yet. Western lowland gorillas’ numbers in the wild have declined by 60 percent in the last 20 to 25 years due to poaching and disease. — Read it at ABC News

Pedro, an 8-week-old kitten, was rescued by a Good Samaritan when he was thrown from a car window on a Toronto highway.
Pedro, an 8-week-old kitten, was rescued by a Good Samaritan when he was thrown from a car window on a Toronto highway.

Kitten Saved on Toronto Highway

A Good Samaritan helped save the life of an 8-week-old kitten who she was horrified to see thrown from the window of a car ahead of her on a Toronto highway last week. Mandi Howard, an emergency room nurse, jumped out of her car and made her way through traffic to rescue the injured kitten. She immediately drove him to the Toronto Humane Society, where she stayed by his side. Little Pedro was stabilized and treated for a laceration on his lip in addition to broken toes in his hind legs and a slipped growth plate on his hip, according to the Humane Society. He’s currently being fostered by one of the shelter’s veterinarians and already has a permanent home waiting for him when he’s healthy — with his rescuer, Howard. The police are working on finding the kitten’s abuser. — Read it at People Pets

Pope: All Dogs Go to Heaven

Pope Francis made headlines and warmed the hearts of animal lovers around the world when he said “all of God’s creatures” can go to heaven. The pope made the remarks at his weekly address at St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican this week in an effort to comfort a young boy who was mourning the death of his dog. “One day, we will see our animals again in the eternity of Christ. Paradise is open to all of God’s creatures,” said the pope, according to Italian news media. — Read it at Time


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