Pet Scoop: Dog Rescued From Cliff in N.Y., Albuquerque Zoo’s Orangutan Is a Girl

May 13, 2013: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Mator helped rescuers lure his pal Tinkerbell to safety.
Mator helped rescuers lure his pal Tinkerbell to safety.

Owner Reunited with Missing Pooch

On Thursday, Julie Schwab’s Poodle mix dogs Mator and Tinkerbell disappeared from their home in Elma, N.Y. While Mator found his way back home that night, Tinkerbell was still missing. On Sunday, a turkey hunter spotted her on top of a 75-foot cliff near a waterfall in Elma. A local animal control officer, volunteer fire department and sheriff’s office teamed up to rescue the pooch, hiking through a creek and hoisting a firefighter 15 feet up a rock face to reach her. Mator was part of the rescue team, too. Authorities used him to lure Tinkerbell toward them and reunite her with Schwab. “Everyone involved was extremely happy to stick their neck out and help the animal and help the dog owner," a fire official said. — Watch it at N.Y.’sWIVB

Therapy Dogs Lighten Mood at LAX

Over the last few weeks, there’s been a new team of working dogs at Los Angeles International Airport. But these canines aren’t trying to sniff out trouble. Their job is to help calm the nerves of stressed-out travelers. The therapy dogs in the PUP (Pets Unstressing Passengers) program are a variety of breeds including Dobermans, Bichons and mixed breeds. They don red vests that say “Pet me!” as they delight travelers throughout the airport. — Read it at Dogster

Greater Wax Moth Has Extreme Hearing

A new study by researchers at the University of Strathclyde in the U.K. has found that the greater wax moth has the highest recorded frequency sensitivity of any animal. While humans are capable of hearing sounds at 20 kHz maximum and dolphins are limited to about 160 kHz, these moths were able to sense sound frequencies of up to 300 kHz. “It is possible that [the moths] have had to improve the communication between each other to avoid capture from their natural predator — the bat — which use similar sounds,” said lead researcher Dr. James Windmill.— Read it at Science Daily

It's a girl! The ABQ BioPark's baby orangutan snuggles with her mom.
It's a girl! The ABQ BioPark's baby orangutan snuggles with her mom.

Baby Orangutan Needs a Name

At a baby shower for Sarah, an orangutan at ABQ BioPark in New Mexico on Saturday, it was revealed that her 2-week-old baby is a girl. The pair has been bonding behind the scenes, and will soon join the zoo’s other orangutans, including dad Tonka and 4-year-old big sister Reese. Guests at the shower indulged in a cake that was decorated in pink, and became the first to cast their votes for the baby’s name. Voting is now open to the public on the zoo’s Facebook page, where you can choose from her keepers’ favorites: Betty, Indie, Pixi or Sian.— Read it from the ABQ BioPark

Oakland Hosts Internet Cat Video Festival

Kitty celebrities Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub and Mr. Bigglesworth were on hand in Oakland, Calif., Saturday, when the clips that were compiled by the Walker Art Center for the first Internet Cat Video Festival last summer in Minneapolis were shown on the side of a 10-story building. A crowd of cat-lovers, many of whom brought their own feline friends for the festivities, cheered their favorite clips during the 70-minute reel. The Walker’s second annual festival will take place in August. — Read it at Yahoo News


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