Pet Scoop: Dog Rescued From Icy Colorado Pond, Canines Help in Human Cancer Fight

February 8, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Dog's icy rescue
Max was rescued from an ice-covered pond in Colorado.

Dog’s Frigid Rescue Caught on Camera in Colorado

A firefighter saved Max after he fell through the ice into a freezing Colorado pond while chasing a coyote. According to his owner, the Argentine Mastiff (also known as a Dogo Argentino) swam in circles until his rescuer, who also fell through the ice, was able to bring him to safety.

The dog was warmed up in an ambulance and has since recovered. "He's our family member, he's like a son. I thank everyone involved for responding, for showing up, for being there,” said his owner. — Watch it at 9News

Plus: A pet-sized, cone-shaped oxygen mask can save a beloved family member in a fire. — Read it at AP via Mercury News

Major Magazines Investigate the Zanesville Saga

It's been four months since 50 exotic animals were killed after being set free by their owner, Terry Thompson, in Zanesville, Ohio. Now both GQ and Esquire feature the story in their March issues, including interviews with neighbors and authorities who responded to the surreal scene. — Read it at GQ and Esquire

Can Man’s Best Friend Help Cure Cancer?

A Wall Street Journal reporter discusses why researchers who are trying to develop a cure for human cancer are working with dogs. Doctors are able to find canine test subjects and get results much more quickly — and dogs respond to the drugs in a way that's very similar to humans. — Watch it at the Wall Street Journal

Panda cam

Group Aims to Help Pandas With Webcam

The philanthropist behind, which features cute videos of baby sloths and polar bears, hopes that a live camera panned on two toddler pandas in China will increase understanding about the endangered (and adorable) bears. “I call it panda diplomacy,” said Charlie Annenberg Weingarten. — Read it at the LA Times

Painting Cats Raise Animal Rescue Money

A mother and daughter duo in Australia have a novel idea for fundraising — they've made artists out of their adopted kitties, teaching them to paint with their paws. The feline artwork is sold to support local needy animals. — Read it at People Pets

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