Pet Scoop: Dog Reunited With Owners After 7 Years, Chimps Escape at Kansas City Zoo

April 11, 2014: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Buddy was reunited with his owners seven years after he disappeared during a wildfire.
Buddy was reunited with his owners seven years after he disappeared during a wildfire.

Lost Lab Finally Finds His Family

When his family evacuated their San Diego area home during a wildfire in 2007, Buddy, a black Labrador Retriever, disappeared from the backyard of the place where they were staying. Owner John Hartman and his wife have since moved to Oklahoma, but they kept their information with the microchip company up to date. Last week, as they were driving back to San Diego to visit their son, they got a call from the San Diego County Department of Animal Services saying that Buddy had been found. “I was pretty shocked,” Hartman says. They were reunited on April 1. “When we finally got to see him he looked the same. Somebody really took care of him.” Now 10 years old, Buddy was moving a little slower — but he ran right to Hartman when he called his name. Buddy is adjusting well to his new home in Oklahoma, where he met his two new canine siblings. — Read it at Fox 5 San Diego

Plus: In Iceland, another pet who was also missing for seven years is back with his owner. Örvar disappeared in the fall of 2007, after his owner, Birkir Fjalar Viðarsson, got a puppy. Viðarsson said he mourned the cat and wondered what would have happened if he hadn’t gotten the puppy. But recently, he got an email from a local shelter saying they’d found Örvar. “When I called out his name he came running, climbed on top of me and wrapped his body around me. It was as if we had never been apart,” Viðarsson said. “I think the universe decided to reunite us for the final chapter of his life so that he can enjoy his golden years in a dignified manner.” — Read it from the Iceland Review

Firefighters Rescue Cat Stuck Inside Home’s Walls

Dave and Barb Kromphardt left plenty of food and water for their two cats, Owen and Dylan, in their Indiana home when they went on vacation last month. They returned home at 3 a.m. on March 30, and immediately went inside to see their pets. They found Owen waiting by the door, but couldn’t find Dylan anywhere, even though they could hear him meowing. The couple realized that the 20-pound cat must have crawled inside a wall in the house when workers were installing a new shower in their home while they were away. They made a few holes in their walls and ceilings in an attempt to find Dylan, then called the fire department to ask them to bring their thermal imaging camera to help them locate the cat. It worked. They cut a 6-by-8 inch hole in the kitchen ceiling, and Barb Kromphardt was able to lure Dylan by using some cat food. Now, Dylan is back in his favorite spot — napping on the couch. — Read it at Indiana’s WISH TV

Chimps at the Kansas City Zoo used a 6-foot-long branch to escape their enclosure on Thursday.
Chimps at the Kansas City Zoo used a 6-foot-long branch to escape their enclosure on Thursday.

Chimps Escape Zoo Enclosure

One clever chimpanzee at the Kansas City Zoo in Missouri managed to escape its enclosure on Thursday — and entice six others to follow. "One of our chimpanzees was able to break roughly a six-foot tree limb that was then used as a ladder to climb on top of the outdoor enclosure wall. That chimp then enticed six other chimps to join the first chimp," zoo spokeswoman Julie Neemeyer said in a statement. "The chimps never left zoo grounds, nor did they ever leave the immediate exhibit area." The zoo went on Code Red and kept visitors indoors for about an hour and a half while the staff got the chimps back into their home. The staff used enclosed vehicles to create a perimeter around the chimps, then used food treats to entice them back to their holding building, bringing their adventure to an end. The zoo will be closed today so employees can inspect the chimps’ enclosure and make sure they don’t have another great escape. — Read it at ABC News

Dog, Cheetah Have Final Playdate

Savanna the cheetah and Max the dog have been pals since September 2012. But Savanna’s keepers say she’s now lost interest in playing with her canine companion. So, the pair had their last playdate at the Cincinnati Zoo on Tuesday. "Once the cat starts to not want to play as much, there's not really a purpose for the dog to be here. He did great as a puppy and wanted to play a lot," says the zoo’s Alicia Sampson. Max will be going to live on a farm with a zoo employee. — Watch it at Cincinnati’s Fox 19


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