Pet Scoop: Dog Saved From 30-Foot Hole Just in Time, The Rock Rescues Pups From Road

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A dog rescued from a 30-foot hole was named Timmy after the little boy in the classic TV show Lassie.
A dog rescued from a 30-foot hole was named Timmy after the little boy in the classic TV show Lassie.

Rescuers Save Dog From Drowning

A dog who fell down a 30-foot hole in an abandoned nuclear power plant is alive thanks to a construction worker who heard his desperate barking on Tuesday. Matt Mountie was installing solar panels at the Tennessee plant when he heard the dog and found him struggling to keep his head above water at the bottom of the hole in the ground. He called for help, and five agencies responded. Hawkins County Humane Society workers tried to comfort the dog as rescuers worked to reach him. He was losing his battle to stay above water, and they pulled him out just in time. The rescuers named the dog Timmy in reference to the classic TV show Lassie, where the Collie supposedly saved the little boy, Timmy, from a well. A local vet checked him out and found he was OK despite some bumps and bruises. — Read it at USA Today

Milestone for Rare Condor in California Park

For the first time in 125 years, a critically endangered California condor hatched at Pinnacles National Park has survived long enough to fly out of her nest on the path to adulthood. Other chicks hatched at the park haven’t survived long enough to get to that stage. “She is staying near the nest, doing lots of practice flights,” said Rachel Wolstenholme, condor program manager at Pinnacles. “Her parents will help her learn how to fly and where to feed and how to interact with the other wild birds out there.” Scientists consider the chick to be a big success as they work to bring the species back from the brink of extinction. There are an estimated 435 California condors living in both zoos and in the wild. — Read it from the AP via Yahoo

London Zoo Gorilla Recaptured After Escape

Kumbuka, a Western lowland silverback, escaped his enclosure into the secure keepers’ area at the London Zoo on Thursday evening. Officials say the gorilla was never in a public area and visitors were not in danger. Visitors in a zoo café were locked inside until the animal was tranquilized and recaptured within two hours. “We're happy to report that he's up and grumbling, and interacting with the rest of his family in his gorilla kingdom,” said Malcolm Fitzpatrick, the zoo’s curator of mammals. “I understand he will be given his favorite treats a bit later on.” He said the escape had been a “minor incident.” — Read it at the U.K.’s BBC News

The Rock gets some love from the dogs he rescued from a roadside in Hawaii.
The Rock gets some love from the dogs he rescued from a roadside in Hawaii.

The Rock Gives Pups Star Names

Animal-loving actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson came to the rescue of two stray dogs while driving to work in Hawaii this week. The star picked up the mom and baby girl, had them spayed and vaccinated — and named them after his “two fav gorgeous ladies,” singers Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. He’s now looking for “an amazing family to take them in,” and hundreds of fans have responded with their interest in giving the dogs a home. “Universe works in mysterious ways and for some reason we were meant to find these two lovelies roaming the streets and terribly malnourished. Now they're famous and licking the sweat off my face,” he wrote on Instagram with a video of the pups in his arms. Lopez shared the video of the adoptable dogs. — Read it at Time

Elephants Rescued From China Water Tank

Rescuers in China went all-out to save a baby elephant and two adults from a water tank where they were trapped for two days. It’s believed that the calf fell in and the adults became trapped when they tried to help. More than a dozen wild elephants surrounded the tank, trying to use their trunks to pull their companions out. The rescuers used helicopters to keep the rest of the herd away from the area while a digger took down one wall of the tank, giving them a way to escape on Tuesday afternoon. — Read it at Seeker


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