Pet Scoop: Dog Survives 11-Story Fall From Balcony, Comfort Dogs Head to Oregon

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Bonzo, a 12-year-old Pekingese, survived an 11-story fall from a balcony.
Bonzo, a 12-year-old Pekingese, survived an 11-story fall from a balcony.

Senior Dog Plunges From Apartment

At 12 years old and suffering from arthritis, Pekingese Bonzo spends most of his time napping and laying around. But last week, he somehow squeezed through the railings of the balcony of an apartment in West Palm Beach, Florida, and fell 11 stories to the ground. When his owner, Kimberly Bellinger, saw him, she panicked and assumed the worst. “I couldn’t even breathe,” Bellinger said. “We ran down there, flew down the elevator, ran outside, and he was breathing.” Miraculously, Bonzo’s only injury was a broken hip. “I’m so grateful,” Bellinger said. His veterinarian said the long fall might have helped the dog because he was disoriented and wasn’t bracing for impact. Bonzo is now back home and recovering. — Read it at Florida’s WPBF

Comfort Dogs Arrive in Oregon

Six LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs from around the country arrived in Roseburg, Oregon, Sunday to help in the aftermath of Thursday’s tragic shooting at Umpqua Community College. A gunman killed nine people on the campus before taking his own life. The dogs — Luther, Bekah, Eddie, Katie, Aaron and Cubby — and their handlers traveled from California, Illinois, Nebraska and Colorado to visit the tight-knit community of 22,000 people. The dogs, who are trained by the Lutheran Church Charities in Illinois, often travel to communities impacted by tragedy, including other places where mass shootings have taken place, towns struck by tornadoes and other natural disasters, and to Boston after the Marathon bombing in 2013. — Follow their journey via Facebook

Hundreds of New Species Found in Himalayas

More than 200 new species, including a bright blue walking snakehead fish, a monkey who sneezes when it rains and a jewel-like snake, were discovered in the Eastern Himalayas in recent years, the WWF says in a new report. The report says scientists from several organizations found 133 plants, 39 invertebrates, 26 fish, 10 amphibians, one reptile, one bird and one mammal between 2009 and 2014. "The challenge is to preserve our threatened ecosystems before these species, and others yet unknown are lost," said Sami Tornikoski, leader of the WWF Living Himalayas Initiative. — Read it at

Country star Miranda Lambert snuggles a kitten her friend saved from the side of a highway in Arkansas.
Country star Miranda Lambert snuggles a kitten her friend saved from the side of a highway in Arkansas.

Miranda Lambert Rescues Kitten

The country singer is no stranger to rescue animals. The longtime animal activist started the Mutt Nation Foundation rescue with her mom, and has taken in many animals herself. So, when her friend found a stray kitten on the side of a busy road, she knew where to take him. On Thursday, Lambert introduced her new kitten Curtis Loew, on Instagram, writing, "Play me a song Curtis Loew Curtis Loew ... When your friend @harps226 comes to visit and says 'oh by the way, I picked up a stray kitten on the highway in Arkansas and it's in the garage.' And then she smiles this innocent smile. Guess who has a kitten now?" — Read it at Today

Two Rare Orangutans Born at French Zoo

Two endangered Bornean orangutans were born three weeks apart at the La Palmyre Zoo in France. First-time mom Katja, 18, gave birth to a male named Hutan on August 15. Her keepers were afraid they’d have to step in to help the inexperienced mom, but so far she’s taking good care of her infant. Three weeks later, 39-year-old Tiba gave birth to her fifth baby, a little girl named Nanga. Tiba had to be treated for an infection just a few days after giving birth, but luckily her baby wasn’t affected. The two moms are spending time together with their infants, but apart from the rest of their group. Orangutan babies spend their first eight to 12 years with their mothers — the longest childhood of any animal expect humans. — Read it at Zooborns and see more cute zoo baby photos


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