Pet Scoop: Dog Survives a Trip Stuck in a Car's Grille, Hawk Goes Rogue on Today Show

Oct. 3, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Suzie the poodle is reunited with her owner.
Suzie only sustained a slight concussion following her car grille ordeal.

Poodle Endures a Terrifying Ride Lodged in a Car's Grille

Two weeks ago, a 6-year-old miniature Poodle mix named Suzie was struck by an automobile near her Massachusetts home, and then traveled inside the car’s grille for 11 miles before someone spotted her and stopped the driver. The driver, who didn’t realize Suzie was there, went to a police station for help, where officers dislodged the poodle. Amazingly, Suzie had only suffered a slight concussion, and had lost a tooth. When police couldn’t find her owner — she had a microchip, but it hadn’t been registered — they turned to the media for help. After seeing Suzie on a local TV report, her relieved owners brought the original paperwork for the microchip to animal control. “We’re happy to have her home,” her owner told Rhode Island’s WPRI as Suzie gave her kisses. — Read it at the Boston Herald, and watch it at WPRI

“Nice” Baboons Enjoy Stronger Social Bonds — and Longer Lives

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has found that pleasant baboons had good friends, which led to better health, more reproductive success and lengthier lives. University of Pennsylvania researchers observed 45 females over the course of seven years at a reserve in Botswana, putting them in three personality groups: nice, aloof and loner baboons, the latter of which had higher stress levels, lower offspring survival and shorter life spans. — Read it at Live Science via the Huffington Post

A Harris' hawk hides above the Today show's Studio 1A.
A Harris' hawk hides in the rafters on the set of the Today show.

Guest Hawk Causes Havoc on the Set of Today

Things went a little awry on Tuesday when Busch Gardens’ Julie Scardina tried to introduce two Harris’ hawks to Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on the Today show. Scardina had the hosts wear falcon gloves, so the two birds could make a grand entrance by landing on their arms. But one of the birds went off-script — and headed for the rafters instead, causing quite a commotion. — Watch it at Today

Manatees Offer Clues About Marine Health Threats

After more than 10 years of research in Belize, scientists have found that the marine mammals are the "proverbial 'canaries in the mineshaft,' as they serve as indicators of their environment and may reflect the overall health of marine ecosystems," said Alonso Aguirre, executive director of the Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation. According to Aguirre, studying manatees may help researchers predict a change that could be devastating to other marine life in the future. — Read it at Science Daily

Miniature Donkey Debuts a Pink Prosthetic Leg

A fluffy miniature donkey foal named Emma was born in April with a badly warped limb, so the folks at the Hangar Clinic — they designed the prosthetic tail for the dolphin whose story was featured in Dolphin Tale — have fitted her with an artificial leg. The use of prosthesis for equines is rare, but since Emma is small, “it makes that more of a feasible option,” said her surgeon, Dr. Fred Caldwell, an assistant professor at Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Emma’s owner, Cece Smith, plans to train her donkey to work as a therapy animal. — See the photos at Animal Tracks

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