Pet Scoop: Dog Survives Harrowing Highway Ordeal, Endangered Monkey Twins Thriving

August 11, 2014: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Driver, Police Officer Save Dog Thrown From Car

A Good Samaritan in New Jersey stopped traffic on the Garden State Parkway on Saturday when he saw a dog lying on the highway after being thrown from a car and struck by another vehicle. The man called police, and New Jersey State Trooper Tara Karagias responded and rushed the injured mixed terrier to the hospital. The dog is currently in stable condition and a $1,000 reward is being offered by the Monmouth County SPCA for any information that leads to an arrest and conviction in the case. The dog has been named Tara after Trooper Karagias, who is credited with saving the injured pup's life. —Read it at The Huffington Post

Bears Rescued From Captivity

Three bear cubs were taken from homes in the town of Peja, Kosovo, last week after animal activists learned of their captivity through Facebook. The six-week-old cubs, who are believed to be siblings, were transferred to a bear sanctuary in the Sharr Mountains. “The cubs were stressed upon arrival but are recovering well," said Afrim Mehmeti, manager of a bear sanctuary run by international animal charity group Four Paws. They plan to release the bears back into the wild after a year of supervision. — Read it at Today

Study: Monkeys Recognize Unknown Relatives

A new study finds that macaque monkeys, who often grow up without their fathers, can recognize the paternal side of their family without ever having met them. “There is some evidence that non-human primates can recognize facial resemblances between two other individuals, just like us,” said Dana Pfefferle, lead author and post-doctoral researcher at Duke University. The study was published in the journal Current Biology. —Read it at Live Science

Monkey Twins Born in Santa Barbara

A pair oftinyorangeGolden Lion Tamarins wasbornat the Santa BarbaraZoo on July 20. For the first 10 days following the birth, mom Kimmer cared for the twins herself, but she recently passed one off to her mate, Kovu, who has some experience with babies: He fathered another set of twins, Karen and Frank, in 2012 with a different mother. “Kovu is an outstanding father,” said Sheri Horiszny, the zoo's Director of Animal Care. “He raised Karen and Frank by himself after their mother, Bella, died from an infection when they were five weeks old.” The new infants are now about the size of a stick of butter (full-grown adult Tamarins weigh only between 1 and 1 1/2 pounds) and spend most of their time on their parents’ backs. They’ll be examined by a zoo veterinarian at 30 days old to determine their sexes and weights and receive vaccinations. — Read it at Zooborns

Working Dog Gains International Fame

Business is booming for a small tobacco shop in Japan since the owners “hired” a friendly Shiba Inu named Shiva-kun to greet customers. They’ve even taught him to open the shop window for people who are ready to make a purchase. But it’s not all work for the pup, who has a cushy spot under the window to rest whenever he wants a break, complete with his favorite treats: cucumbers. — Read it at People

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