Pet Scoop: Dog Survives Plunge From Bridge, Baby Beaver Rescued From Metro Station

May 6, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Bridgette survived a leap from a 150-foot bridge in Jacksonville, Florida.
Bridgette survived a leap from a 150-foot bridge in Jacksonville, Florida.

Small Dog Jumps Into Florida River

A Dachshund mix is lucky to be alive after leaping 150 feet from a Jacksonville, Florida, bridge into the St. Johns River below. Michelle Munley and her family were driving across the bridge this week when she spotted the little dog on the sidewalk. Her husband pulled over so she could get out to help the pup, but the scared dog started running up to the top of the bridge. Other cars stopped and people got out to try to help, but they were horrified as the dog “took a flying leap” over the edge. Munley signaled a passing boat to pick up the dog, and she and her family drove to meet the boaters at a nearby marina. They then rushed the dog, who they named Bridgette, to a veterinarian to be examined. Amazingly, Bridgette was stable. The Munleys can’t keep Bridgette, so she will soon be up for adoption through the Jacksonville Humane Society. — Read it at Florida’s First Coast News

Fort McMurray Residents Desperate to Save Pets

Wildfires sweeping through Alberta, Canada, this week forced the mandatory evacuation of more than 80,000 people, including all of the residents of Fort McMurray. Many were at work when the order came, and weren’t able to get back to their homes to get their pets, resulting in the animals being stranded at home. “The situation in Fort McMurray is still too dangerous for any animal rescue missions,” said the Alberta SPCA in a Facebook post late Wednesday. Groups are mobilizing to help the animals as soon as they are allowed to enter the affected areas, and residents with stranded pets are being asked to call the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo at 780-762-3636 to report their information so assistance can be sent as soon as possible. The Edmonton Humane Society has pallets of donated food and cages ready to be delivered, and they’re accepting donations. — Read it at the Huffington Post Canada

Baby Beaver Rescued From DC Metro

Amid the hustle and bustle of the city, an unusual visitor was spotted near the fountain outside a Metro station in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday: a baby beaver. The wayward creature drew a large crowd of onlookers who were worried about the critter before police and humane officers arrived to help the animal. After they evaluated the beaver, they decided it was in good condition and old enough to be on its own, so they released it into a more natural environment. “I strongly encourage people when they see a wild animal, never handle them, just leave them be,” said animal welfare officer Scott Giacoppo. — Read it at Washington’s WTOP

A deer who got its head stuck in a globe from a lighting fixture was freed by a conservation officer.
A deer who got its head stuck in a globe from a lighting fixture was freed by a conservation officer.

Deer Freed From Light Fixture

An officer with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation came to the rescue of a deer who got its head stuck in a globe from a lighting fixture in Centereach, New York, Tuesday. Officer Jeff Hull responded to a report of the deer lying in the woods. The first time he attempted to help, the wet globe slipped out of his hands and the deer tried to run away, but ran into a downed tree and fell. On his second attempt, Hull put his coat over the globe and held it with both arms while the deer struggled and finally managed to slip its head out and run off into the woods. — Read it at CBS News

Playful Baby Giraffe Born at Sacramento Zoo

A Masai giraffe calf was born on April 10 to 6-year-old mom Shani at the Sacramento Zoo, and named Rocket by his keepers for his “on-the-go attitude.” The playful calf and his mom have been spending most of their time bonding behind-the-scenes in the barn, although some visitors have been able to get a glimpse of him exercising in the side-yard. Other members of the zoo’s giraffe herd have been sticking their heads over fences and stall doors to inspect the newest member of their tower. Rocket is expected to make his official public debut later this month. — See photos at Zooborns


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