Pet Scoop: Dog With Heartbreaking Notebook Adopted, FDNY Takes in Abandoned Pup

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Rhino Lightning's new owner wants his former family to know he's "smothered in love."
Rhino Lightning's new owner wants his former family to know he's "smothered in love."

Dog With “Owner's Manual” Adopted

Rhino Lightning broke hearts across the Internet as news spread last week that he’d been surrendered to the Humane Society of Utah with an “owner’s manual” written by his family’s 8-year-old daughter. In a colorful notebook, the little girl left guidance for Rhino’s new owner, letting them know, “He likes sleeping under blankets. Take him on at least 2 or 3 runs a day. Tell Rhino I love and miss him every night.” The 65-pound dog had been adopted by the family with four children in December from the same shelter, but they said he was “unaware of his size” and wasn’t the right fit for the family. Luckily, there’s already a happy ending for Rhino. After seeing his story on the news, Melanie Hill knew he was meant to be hers. She visited him on Monday, and brought him home, where he has a new doggie sibling. “I want this little girl to know her puppy is smothered in love,” Hill says. — Read it at ABC News

High Court Rules for Girl and Service Dog

In a closely watched case, the Supreme Court has sided with a 13-year-old Michigan girl with cerebral palsy and her service dog, a Goldendoodle named Wonder. The court ruled unanimously Wednesday that Ehlena Fry’s family can pursue a lawsuit against her former public school district for denying access to her service dog. Lower courts had ruled the family had to first exhaust any remedies available under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act before seeking damages under the Americans with Disabilities Act, but the justices said that wasn’t necessary. "TheFrys could have filed essentially the same complaint if a public library or theater had refused admittance to Wonder,” wrote Justice Elena Kagan. — Read it at USA Today

Cameras Reveal Hidden Lives of Dolphins

High-tech underwater cameras are giving scientists a glimpse of a dolphin’s life from the animal’s point of view. Researchers attached the cameras to eight dolphins off the coast of New Zealand, and the footage gave them a look at things like the interaction between mothers and calves and playtime in a kelp forest. “With these video cameras, we can 'see' from the animals' perspective and begin to understand the challenges they face as they move throughout their habitat,” said University of Alaska Southeast dolphin specialist Heidi Pearson. The findings were published in the journal Marine Biology. — Read it at Seeker

An FDNY station has adopted an abandoned dog named Ashley.
An FDNY station has adopted an abandoned dog named Ashley.

FDNY Adopts Rescued Pup

Last month, Ashley the Pit Bull was found inside an abandoned “crack house” in Staten Island, New York, with no food or water and covered in cigarette burns. At almost a year old, she was saved by Erica Mahnken and her fiancé, Michael Favor, with No More Pain Rescue. Without anyone to foster the freezing dog, they called their friends at the Lower East Side FDNY fire station known as Fort Pitt. The firefighters used to have a Rottweiler at the station, and agreed to temporarily take Ashley in. Just three days later, they called Mahnken back and asked if they could adopt Ashley. “My heart wants to explode,” Mahnken said. Ashley has quickly made herself at home with the firefighters, hanging out in the kitchen and finding her own spot on the fire truck, where she sits for ride-alongs. Nicknamed Ash, the pup even has her own Instagram account with nearly 10,000 followers, where she shares lots of photos. — Read it at CBS News

Puppy Siblings Reunited Thanks to Social Media

There was one adorable family reunion in Texas on Saturday. Frito, who was adopted from Texas Humane Heroes in October 2015, was reunited with five of his six littermates — and their mom — after a post about him looking for his family went viral. Frito’s owner, Corie Gemmiti, said there was a clear family resemblance between the dogs. “They all had the same body type and all their tails were tucked between their legs when they first got there,” she said. “It was nice to meet all the families of all the dogs. It was good to talk to them and figure out the personalities of all the dogs.” — Read it at ABC News


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