Pet Scoop: Dogs and Owner Saved From Frozen Marsh, Red Pandas Frolic in the Snow

Feb. 20, 2015: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Firefighters in Revere, Massachusetts, rescued a man and his two dogs from an icy marsh Thursday.
Firefighters in Revere, Massachusetts, rescued a man and his two dogs from an icy marsh Thursday.

Firefighters Rescue Dogs and Owner

Albert Sheridan let his two dogs out into his fenced backyard Thursday morning in Revere, Massachusetts. But the snow was so deep that the dogs were able to run right over the 5-foot fence and into the marshes behind their home. Sheridan, 56, went after Thunder and Lola, and got stuck up to his chest in snow, ice and muck from the marsh. Then, he started having chest pains. “They weren't going to make it, and I don’t think I was getting out of there by myself,” he said. He called to his 15-year-old daughter, who dialed 911. Revere firefighters arrived on the scene, freed Sheridan and took him to the hospital. Two firefighters in survival suits then spent 90 minutes trying to coax the dogs out of the water. Thunder, a large dog, was holding the front part of his body out of the water on the ice when they got to him. Little Lola, meanwhile, was on a tiny iceberg and nipped at her rescuers. Finally, they were able to get both dogs onto a sled and the firefighters pulled them to shore. The dogs were checked by a veterinarian and returned home, and Sheridan was released from the hospital later that night. “Look at Revere’s finest right here,” said Albert’s wife, Wendy, through tears. “I don’t know how I’m ever gonna thank them.” Experts say it’s important to remember that if your dog gets out on ice, you should call authorities who have the equipment and knowledge to help safely instead of going after the dog yourself. — Watch it at Boston’s WHDH

Camera Trap Captures Rare Amur Tiger Family Footage

The first video evidence of wild Amur tigers in China shows a mom with her playful cubs. The footage, released Thursday by the World Wildlife Fund, was captured late last year, almost 20 miles from the Russian border. The cubs would not have been able to travel that distance from Russia, so the WWF says the video proves they were raised inside China. “These images show that Wangqing Nature Reserve has now become a breeding site for Amur tigers,” said Wang Fuyou of the reserve’s conservation department. “Seeing these positive outcomes from our efforts greatly strengthens our confidence that wild Amur tiger populations can be restored.” There are believed to be 18 to 20 Amur tigers living in the border areas of China, and about 400 living in Russia. — Watch it at the World Wildlife Fund

Dallas Officer Officially Adopts Rescued Dog

On Valentine’s weekend, Dallas Police Officer John Rogers rescued a stray Boxer mix from a highway. On the way to Dallas Animal Services, he stopped to buy treats for the pooch he named Laurel. By the time they arrived at the shelter, the staff says Laurel was “smitten” with her Prince Charming. Now, she has a Cinderella ending to her story. On Thursday, the shelter announced on Facebook that when no owner came forward to claim Laurel, Officer Rogers returned to adopt her. “Happy trails sweet Laurel! You got a keeper,” Dallas Animal Services wrote with a photo of the happy pair. Laurel joins three other dogs at Rogers’ home. — See photo at Facebook

Two adorable red pandas had the time of their lives in the snow at the Cincinnati Zoo.
Two adorable red pandas had the time of their lives in the snow at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Red Pandas Have Fun in the Snow

Across many parts of the country, the humans are more than ready for this winter to be over. But at the Cincinnati Zoo, the red pandas are definitely not! A new video shows Lin, a 2-year-old female, and Rover, a 9-year-old male, having “snow much fun” climbing and tumbling in the snow that it’s sure to melt your heart. “We get snow about the same amount, or a little less, than in New York City,” Michelle Curley, the zoo’s communications director, told ABC News. “The red pandas LOVE it and cold weather.” The video, taken by their keeper, Lissa Browning, has quickly gone viral. — Watch it at YouTube

Oscar Swag Bag Includes Certificate to Help Shelter Pets

Twenty Oscar nominees who don’t win at Sunday’s awards show will get a consolation prize that will make needy pets winners. Halo, the natural pet food company co-owned by Ellen DeGeneres, and have partnered to give the stars 10,000 meals to donate to the animal shelter or rescue of their choice. It’s part of the “Everybody Wins at the Oscars” bags that have items worth $160,000, including a wide array of products and services. The gift stands apart from the other luxurious items the actors will receive. “We know so many celebrities are advocates for homelessanimals like we are,” said David Yaskulka, Halo’s vice president of marketingcommunications. “We’re excited to feed itforward to shelters on behalf of thestars!”The Oscars will air live on ABC Sunday at 7 p.m.


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