Pet Scoop: Dogs Recovering From Injuries Become Pals, Kitten Rescued From Ledge

Oct. 5, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Thor, a sweet Shepherd puppy, cuddles with his friend Petunia.
Thor, a sweet Shepherd puppy, cuddles with his friend Petunia.

Injured Pups Help Each Other

Two dogs who were rescued after being hit by cars on the same day in two separate incidents in Arizona have become best buddies. Thor, a 4-month-old black Shepherd, was more severely injured, with two broken legs. The Animal Benefits Club of Arizona stepped up to get him help — and Petunia, a smaller white pup, was brought in with less severe injuries on the same day. They quickly became pals. “They act like the other dog is their whole reason for being,” said Andra Jeffress, the group’s executive director. “When one sees the other, their little faces light up and their tails start wagging ... Thor likes nothing better than to cuddle Petunia with his head and neck around her as if he is trying to let her know how much he loves her.” Petunia shows her love by giving her buddy kisses. The Animal Benefits Club is raising money to cover the cost of Thor’s care. — Watch it at People Pets

Virginia Police Dog Recovering After Shooting

Authorities in Virginia have caught a suspect who allegedly shot a police dog who was pursing him. Police said they stopped a vehicle for a traffic infraction on Sunday night. The driver was wanted on several felony warrants and was taken into custody without incident, but the passenger, Joseph Conway, fled the scene on foot. As an officer and K9 Dux chased him, police said Conway turned and fired a pistol, and struck Dux at least once. Dux was taken to a veterinary hospital for treatment and is “resting comfortably” after surgery. He got to go home with his handler, Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Deputy Kory Kelly, on Tuesday. Conway faces arrest warrants on several charges. — Read it at the Washington Post

Crowd Cheers for Released Sea Turtles

A group of Australian schoolchildren and their parents cheered as two sea turtles who’d each spent six months in rehabilitation at a turtle hospital headed back out to sea last week. Summer, a 15-to-20-year-old hybrid green and Hawksbill turtle, had been found with injuries from two fishing hooks lodged in her mouth. Sophie, a green turtle who’s between 10 and 15 years old, was found malnourished and lethargic when she was rescued. They recovered at the Great Barrier Reef Aquarium turtle hospital until they slowly made their way back out to their ocean home on Thursday. — Read it at Today

Ten adoptable kittens took part in a Late Show focus group to see their reaction to the vice presidential debate.
Ten adoptable kittens took part in a Late Show focus group to see their reaction to the vice presidential debate.

Kitten Focus Group Watches Debate

Who won the vice presidential debate Tuesday night? While cable news networks featured human focus groups watching Democrat Tim Kaine debate Republican Mike Pence to give them a sense of which candidate performed better, The Late Show with Steven Colbert had a much cuter idea: an all-kitten focus group. The panel of kittens was streamed live on Twitter and Facebook, with a screen featuring the debate in their pen. “Less than 30 seconds into the VP debate, one member of our focus group already tried to escape,” the Late Show said on Facebook. Later, more than half of the panel was “visibly napping,” while the undecided kittens hung out in the litter box. All of the kittens were available for adoption through the North Shore Animal League. — Watch it at the Hollywood Reporter

Kitten Saved From 12th Story Ledge

A kitten in Singapore escaped from a window and got stuck on a ledge on the 12th floor of the building. While police officers waited on the ground with an open blanket, a rescue officer from the Society for Prevention of Cruelty Animals Singapore used a long pole with an adjustable rope to capture the frightened kitten. The kitten grabbed ahold of the pole as it was gently pulled up to safety. The SPCA advised the building’s owner to ensure screens are in all of the windows so this situation could be avoided. — Read it at UPI


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