Pet Scoop: Dramatic Rescue for Kitten Stuck in Grate, Dog Who Lost Two Legs Gets a Home

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Firefighters in Florida came to the rescue of Captain, a tiny kitten who got his paw stuck in a sewer cover.
Firefighters in Florida came to the rescue of Captain, a tiny kitten who got his paw stuck in a sewer cover.

Kitten’s Paw Freed From Grate

Firefighters in Broward County, Florida, came to the rescue of a sweet gray and white kitten who somehow got his front paw trapped in a steel sewer cover on Thursday. The little guy was licking his paw in an effort to break free when help arrived. "It was sitting there and just kind of howling and meowing," said public information officer Mike Jachles. “It was very friendly to our firefighters.” The firefighters worked for half an hour on the scene trying to free the kitten, and finally decided to transport him — grate and all — to a local animal hospital. There, the kitten was put under anesthesia while veterinarians and firefighters worked together to carefully cut through the grate and get his paw out. “It was #teamwork that got this #kitten out of a jam!” Jachles Tweeted. The kitten, who was nicknamed Captain, is doing well and recuperating at the vet. The staff is trying to determine if he has a home. If not, one of the firefighters is interested in adopting him. — Read it at ABC News

Study: 272-Year-Old Shark Is Earth’s Longest-Lived Vertebrate

New research finds that the giant Greenland shark can live to be at least 272 years old — and in some cases, they could even reach 500. The scientists analyzed 28 female Greenland sharks that had accidentally died during a commercial fishing-monitoring program, and used their eye lenses to determine their ages. Using radiocarbon dating, they found a maximum life span of 272 years. The largest shark in the study was believed to be around 390 years old. The study was published in the journal Science. — Read it at National Geographic

Female Cats Distinguish Between Kitten Calls, Study Finds

A new study finds that female cats adjust their response to kitten calls depending on the level of urgency they hear. Male cats, however, don’t adjust their response in similar ways. They found female cats responded 10 percent faster to kitten calls that conveyed greater urgency, indicating they can evaluate the emotional content of the calls. Their findings were published in the journal BMC Evolutionary Biology. — Read it at

Eevee gets a hug from her new owner, Maggie.
Eevee gets a hug from her new owner, Maggie.

Couple Adopts 2-Legged Dog

Just one day after she was available for adoption, a 1-year-old Chihuahua who lost two of her legs was off to her forever home. Eevee has overcome incredible hardship in her young life. She was found as a stray, hiding under the front porch of a home. She was already missing her right rear leg, and veterinarians at the Oregon Humane Society had to amputate her left front leg due to a horrific injury. Her doctors say Eevee’s recovery from her extensive injuries has been remarkable. “She can move around, walk at a fast pace, and we’ve even see her go up and down a stair,” said Dr. Margaret Wixson. The shelter shared Eevee’s story on Thursday, and a couple from Portland rushed to adopt her as soon as they heard it. Eevee quickly hit it off with Troy and Maggie, and their other rescued dog, Molly. “We were just happy to get here in time, we thought there would be many people ahead of us [to adopt],” said Maggie. They weren’t bothered by the fact that Eevee has two legs. “We thought we had more love to give,” said Troy. — Read it from Oregon Humane

Olympians Share Golf Course With Capybaras

Olympic golfers in Rio are sharing the course with the world’s largest (and arguably cutest) rodents: capybaras. The animals trot across the greens, cool off in the water — and hide in the bushes when they’ve had enough of the humans checking them out. Not to worry, capybaras. The humans will be out of your way again soon enough! — See photos at the Huffington Post


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