Pet Scoop: Dramatic Rescue of Pup in a Pipe, Army Limits How Soldiers Can Get Service Dogs

June 5, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Firefighters used cameras to find Elvis the Jack Russell Terrier in a pipe.
Firefighters in Germany used a camera to determine exactly where Elvis was wedged in a pipe.

Firefighters Bring in Bulldozers to Rescue a Pup

After Elvis, a Jack Russell Terrier, tumbled into a pipe in Germany and got stuck, firefighters were called to the scene. They dropped in a camera to pinpoint the dog's exact location, and then attempted to reach the pooch using two different types of bulldozers. Ultimately, the crew pushed Elvis out with the help of plastic tubes — and reunited him with his owner. — Watch it at Today

Advocates Urge Owners to Restrain Their Pets While Driving

Vehicle safety officials and animal protection groups are pushing for people to properly protect their pets in the car. "You wouldn't put your child in the car unrestrained, so you shouldn't put your pet in the car unrestrained, either," said the superintendent of the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Only a few states have passed legislation requiring animal restraints in moving vehicles. "Pet restraint is a somewhat emerging issue," said a spokeswoman for AAA. — Read it at USA Today

Plus: In other legislative news, a bill to stop landlords from requiring declawing and devocalization of pets is moving forward in California. — Read it at Petside

Service dog

Army Makes It Tough For Soldiers to Get Service Dogs

A new Army policy implemented this year considerably limits how soldiers can acquire and keep service dogs to help them recover from physical injuries and mental illness. Some soldiers have even reported harassment from higher-ranking officers for having a service dog. — Read it at MSNBC

Lizard Uses Its Jaw Like a Steak Knife

A new study has found that the tuatara, a lizard from New Zealand, has a unique method of eating. The reptile slides its lower jaw back and forth, using its sharp teeth to cut food like a knife, allowing it to feast on everything from beetles to seabirds. — Read it at The New York Times

Former Boxer George Foreman Talks About the Impact of Owning Dogs

He’s a former champion boxer and a successful entrepreneur, but did you know that George Foreman is also a dog lover? In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Foreman, who has 11 German Shepherds, said, “There’s no better companion. You’ve got to have a friend. I didn’t like opponents who had dogs with them. Because you know they had a little edge. They have a friend.” — Read it at the Wall Street Journal

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