Pet Scoop: Drenched Cat Rescued From Pipe, Neil Patrick Harris Adopts Puppy

Nov. 9, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Thomas Jefferson the cat was rescued from a storm drain in Nashville.
Thomas Jefferson the cat was rescued from a storm drain in Nashville.

Trapped Cat Reunited With Owner

After seven long hours trapped in an underground pipe, Thomas Jefferson is free. The tabby named for one of America’s Founding Fathers was rescued by firefighters in Nashville, Tennessee, on Election Day. The neighbor first heard a cat meowing at about 6 a.m. but didn’t think much of it until he heard his cries again in the early afternoon. Fire department officials believe Thomas Jefferson was climbing along a home’s third-story gutter when he fell off the side and into a pipe that leads underground. “He looked miserable and wet but he’s all right,” said department spokesman Brian Haas. The cat was reunited with his owner, who’s the president of a local college. “What were you thinking?” he asked Thomas Jefferson as he held him close. — Read it at the Huffington Post

Study: Aging Bonobos Could Use Glasses, Too

A new study finds that much like humans, older bonobos seem to grow more farsighted with age. But, they don’t get glasses. Instead, they adjust their position to see better. The researchers noted that when older primates groomed their neighbors, they sat back and extended their arms farther than their younger counterparts. They stretched their arms even more over time. Scientists believe their movements were meant to adjust for deteriorating eyesight. The study was published in the journal Current Biology. — Read it at Live Science

Puppy Overcomes Spinal Defect With Help

Remi, a German Shepherd puppy, is up and moving on his own thanks to a successful but complicated surgery. The pup from New Brunswick, Canada, was born with a problem with his spine that made it hard for him to walk. An orthopedic veterinary surgeon performed a painstakingly detailed procedure to alleviate pressure from his vertebrae and give his spinal cord more room. Remi is now 7 months old, and he’s been recovering for a month. He is using a specialized wheelchair to help him get around, but is expected to regain full use of his hind legs. “I love him and there's just nothing I wouldn't do for him,” said Remi’s owner, Kelly Boldon. — Watch it at Canada’s CTV News

David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris adopted Gidget from Thailand.
David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris adopted Gidget after she was rescued from Thailand.

Neil Patrick Harris Reveals Pup

The actor and his husband, David Burtka, and their 6-year-old twins now have another adorable member of their family. Little Gidget was rescued from the streets in Thailand and brought to the U.S. by the North Shore Animal League America. "She's so affectionate, sweet and friendly," said the group’s Cindy Szczudlo. "She loved playing with the cats in my office. She just has an amazing personality." Harris and Burtka are good friends with Beth Stern, who works closely with North Shore Animal League and knew Gidget would be a perfect fit for their family. Burtka shared some cute photos of the pup on Instagram on Tuesday. “Just when I thought your family couldn’t get any cuter!” said one Burtka follower. — Read it at The Dodo

Hero Military Dog Drops Puck at NHL Game

Corporal Nero, a bomb-sniffing dog stationed at the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in California, was honored Sunday at an NHL game. The beautiful dog got the chance to drop the puck at the ceremonial start of a game between the Anaheim Ducks and Calgary Flames. Nero looked like he wasn’t exactly sure what the big deal was — but he was thrilled to get lots of pets afterward. — Watch it at People Pets


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