Pet Scoop: Ducklings Rescued From Storm Drain, Tiger Photobombs Wedding Pic

June 21, 2013: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

A mama duck and her ducklings waddle off after getting help from Columbus State Community College's police.
A mama duck and her ducklings waddle off after getting help from Columbus State Community College's police.

Campus Police Save Baby Ducks

When Bill Coburn was passing by a parking lot at Columbus State Community College in Ohio on Tuesday morning, he noticed an agitated looking duck hovering over a storm drain. As Coburn got closer, he heard cheeping, and realized that seven of the duck’s babies had fallen through the grate and were trapped inside. He called campus police for help — and the call was heard by the school’s media relations team, who brought a video camera along. They captured the rescue on film, as officers took off the grate and gently removed each duckling. Each of the tiny chicks rushed to their mom’s side. "What amazes me is nature, how mama wouldn't leave. She was staying right here. She kept looking in the hole to make sure they were OK," said Lt. Dan Werner of the Columbus State Police Department. Once everyone was accounted for, the family waddled off together. — Watch it at ABC News

Officials Search for Man Who Sold Rabid Puppy

Officials with the Oklahoma Department of Health are trying to track down people who may have come in contact with a rabid puppy, including the man who was selling the Bluetick-Walker Coonhound mix and its littermates on the side of a highway earlier this month. The 10-week-old puppy was one of five or six puppies sold by Bivens Dog Trade on June 9, officials said. The puppy became sick and died a few days later. They want to quickly locate the litter and determine who may have been exposed to rabies. Anyone who came in contact with the puppies needs to get immunization shots. — Read it at Oklahoma’s News9

Tiger Joins in Romantic Wedding Picture

Andrew and Karma Madgwicks were staring into each other’s eyes for a wedding photo when someone else decided to butt in. Banda the Sumatran tiger apparently wanted to see what all the fuss was as the couple posed for their photographer before their reception at England’s Paignton Zoo. "All of a sudden, it came bounding over and right into the shot. It posed for a split second and then walked away," explained photographer Vicki Boulter. Although Banda is (luckily) on the other side of the glass, the photo makes it look like she’s cozying right up to the happy couple. — See photos at Paw Nation and read Vetstreet’s story on more couples holding weddings at zoos

Hank, a sloth bear cub, makes his debut with his mom at the National Zoo.
Janice Sveda, National Zoo
Hank, a sloth bear cub, makes his debut with his mom at the National Zoo.

Sloth Bear Cub Debuts at D.C. Zoo

Hank, the National Zoo’s adventurous 6-month-old sloth bear cub, made his public debut on Thursday. Last month, the public voted to name the cub Hank, which is a combination of his mom and dad’s names, Hana and Francois. The little guy has spent the last few months becoming adept at climbing in a den with his mom, and his keepers thought he was ready to explore the complex climbing structures and varied terrain in his yard. “Sloth bears in general are full of personality, but watching Hank explore and play in his yard is especially endearing,” said animal keeper Mindy Babitz. — Read it from the National Zoo

Are You Taking Your Pet to Work?

Today is National Take Your Pet to Work Day. Studies show that employees who bring their pets to work tend to have a lower stress level, and many believe they also contribute to a more happy and interactive workplace, according to pet food maker Purina. They’re asking those who bring their pets to work today to share photos on their Facebook page or their @Purina Twitter handle, using the #PetsatWork hashtag.


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