Pet Scoop: Elated Dogs Rescued From Pipe, 17- and 18-Year-Old Dogs Get a New Home

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Two dogs who were rescued from a 65-foot drain pipe were happy to be free and reunited.
Two dogs who were rescued from a 65-foot drain pipe were happy to be free and reunited.

Dogs Trapped 65 Feet Underground

Crews in Boxford, Massachusetts, brought in heavy machinery and worked for five hours on Thursday to free a family’s two dogs, who were stuck in an underground drainage pipe behind their home. “The little dog figured out that he could go in and come back out and the big dog followed him,” said Boxford Police Department Chief James Riter. Police, firefighters and workers from a nearby town used an excavator to dig 65 feet down to the pups. Winston, the smaller dog, managed to get out first on his own. Then, using a pipe camera, the crew was able to nudge the larger dog until he backed out of the pipe on his own. Five hours later, the Boxford Police Tweeted photos of the joyous dogs rolling around above ground. “Both dogs are now free and very happy to see each other! Great work by all,” the caption read. — Read it at ABC News

Rhino Gets Snout Stuck in Tire

National park rangers in Zimbabwe rushed to the aid of a white rhino who couldn’t eat or drink after getting his horn and snout stuck in a tire. The wildlife group Aware Trust Zimbabwe got a report about Mark’s plight on Saturday, and rangers found the bull trying desperately to free himself from the tire. When Aware’s veterinarians arrived, Mark was lying down, “looking decidedly dejected and exhausted from his ordeal on this scorching hot day.” They tranquilized Mark and worked with the rangers to yank the tire off of him. The rhino quickly recovered from the incident. — Read it at the Washington Post

World’s Oldest Captive Panda Dies

Jia Jia, the oldest giant panda in captivity, died Sunday at her home at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park. Zoo officials say they made the decision to put her down when her health rapidly worsened and left her unable to walk without difficulty. The panda had lived at the theme park for 17 years, and was being mourned by the staff and visitors Monday. Jia Jia gave birth to six cubs at Ocean Park. — Read it from AFP via Yahoo

Bruno and Caramel were adopted just one day after their story was shared on Facebook.
Bruno and Caramel were adopted just one day after their story was shared on Facebook.

Hospice Patient’s Dogs Adopted

A heartbroken woman with stage-four cancer who was going to live in a hospice center had no choice but to give up her beloved 17 and 18-year-old dogs to BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore. The shelter shared the story of the “two beautiful, docile” dogs named Bruno and Caramel on Facebook Friday in search of an adopter for them. By Saturday, they were snuggled up at their new home with their loving new owners, Bruce and Jim. “Bruno has a lap every day for the rest of his life, whether it's for a day, a month or for years,” Bruce said. “BARCS staff spoke with their first mommy, who is in hospice care, to let her know her babies are safe and loved. She was overcome with relief,” the shelter posted. — Read it from BARCS Animal Shelter via Facebook

Newspaper Provides Debate Therapy Kittens

For the second presidential debate, Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” aired a live feed of a kitten focus group on Facebook. But with the contentious nature of this campaign, the debates can bring some anxiety for voters, so a newspaper in Maine has a new idea for kittens. The Bangor Daily News in Maine announced Friday that it’s teaming up with the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland to bring nine “therapy kittens” to the paper’s third debate viewing party on Wednesday night. — Read it at the Huffington Post


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