Pet Scoop: Endangered Sea Lion Pup Born in Alaska, Zoo Animals Score Spilled Fruit

August 1, 2014: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

A male sea lion pup was born at the Alaska SeaLife Center on July 20.
A male sea lion pup was born at the Alaska SeaLife Center on July 20.

Rare Steller Sea Lion Born

Last summer, the Alaska SeaLife Center welcomed Ellie, the first Steller sea lion to be born in North American collections since the 1980s. Now, Ellie has a little brother. The male sea lion was born to mom Eden, 14, and dad Woody, 21, at the center on July 20. Mom and pup are doing well. The Steller sea lion is on the Federal Endangered Species list, and is one of the largest focuses of researchers at the SeaLife Center. The center is the only facility in the U.S. that houses Steller sea lions in captivity for research purposes. — See photos at Zooborns, and see more cute zoo baby photos

Study: Stress Impacts Mongoose Parenting Quality

A new study finds that banded mongooses that spend a lot of time caring for pups lose weight and have increased levels of stress hormones. This can affect how the animals care for subsequent litters of pups. The researchers found that care leads to stress, and high stress can lead to a reduction in care for offspring. Mongooses have large communal litters. Once a pup is weaned, it will bond with a single adult, not necessarily its parent, known as an escort, who rears it. The quality of care each escort gives a pup varies greatly, and researchers have linked stress hormone levels as one of the reasons why. The study was published in the journal Functional Ecology. — Read it at Live Science

Calico Lobster Found in New Hampshire

A fisherman caught a rare orange lobster with blue spots in Hampton Harbor, New Hampshire. Josiah Beringer donated the 5-year-old, 1.5 pound lobster to the nearby Explore the Ocean World Oceanarium. A marine biologist at the aquarium says the lobster’s spots come from a genetic mutation in its pigmentation that occurs in just 1 in every 30 to 50 million of the crustaceans. Albinos are the most rare lobsters, followed by calico lobsters. — See photos at People Pets

Oakland Zoo animals got 15,000 pounds of fruit that was damaged when the big rig carrying it overturned.
Oakland Zoo animals got 15,000 pounds of fruit that was damaged when the big rig carrying it overturned.

Zoo Animals Get Damaged Fruit

A fruit truck accident was a big win for residents of the Oakland Zoo in California. Elephants, giraffes and bears chomped down on African jackfruit and bananas Wednesday, two days after a big rig owned by All Seasons Produce overturned while carrying 60,000 pounds of fruit. About 35,000 pounds were donated to a local food bank and 15,000 pounds were given to the animals at the zoo. It was enough for them to eat for a week. — Read it at NBC Washington

Opossum Halts Baseball Game

A minor league baseball game was interrupted in Iowa on Wednesday as an unofficial player took the field. An opossum ran up the third base line and wandered around the pitcher’s mound. Eventually, he was trapped in an empty trashcan by stadium employees and escorted off the field. The announcers commented that the marsupial wasn’t quite as cute as a rabbit who’d made an appearance on the field earlier this season. — Watch it at ABC News


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