Pet Scoop: Evacuated Dogs Get to Fly Coach to Safety, Firefighters Free Stuck Mastiff

May 10, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Dogs usually have to fly in a plane's cargo hold but many have had the chance to go coach during evacuations from a Canadian wildfire.
Dogs usually have to fly in a plane's cargo hold but many have had the chance to go coach during evacuations from a Canadian wildfire.

Airline Helps Evacuate Pets

There have been some unusual passengers flying coach on Canadian North and WestJet airlines this week. We’ve been keeping you up to date on the rescue teams working to save pets who were stuck at home when their owners were evacuated from the path of a wildfire in Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada. Now, we’re seeing some amazing pictures of people and their pets flying to safety with their animals on board. “It’s definitely unusual to carry pets in the cabin, but due to the unusual circumstances we were able to bend the rules to accommodate these animals,” a Canadian North spokesperson said. On board one flight last week were 130 humans, 19 dogs, five cats and two turtles. “They were all well-behaved,” flight attendant Wanda Murray told CBC News. “When we touched down, we got a standing ovation. It brought tears to our eyes.” The short flights are delivering those residents who evacuated north of Fort McMurray to areas in the south that have more resources to help them.— See photos at the Huffington Post

200-Pound Mastiff Gets Stuck in Car

Ike got himself into a tough spot on Friday morning. While he was going for a ride with his owner, the Mastiff slipped off the back seat of the car and became wedged in between the rear seat and the center console. The owner called the Tiverton, Rhode Island, Fire Department for help, and the firefighters responded to help free the big dog. “We spent 10 or 15 minutes coming up with a plan, then we made a sling out of some towels that were in the car,” said Captain Craig Committo. “We lifted him out, but there was nothing easy about it, since he weighs so much. We got him on the ground without so much as a yelp. He was fine. It was a good ending.” Experts say it’s important to keep your dog in a harness or crate when traveling with him in the car. — Read it at The Dodo

Adorable Leopard Cubs Get Names

At nearly 6 weeks old, the clouded leopard triplets born at the Point Defiance Zoo in Washington state are capturing hearts around the country in an aww-inspiring new video. The cubs are getting around-the-clock care from their keepers, who say they’re in love. (Who could blame them?) Last week, the zoo revealed their names, which were inspired by Asian herbs and spices: Saffron is the female, and her two brothers are Masala and Coriander, or Cori for short. The cubs now weigh about 3 pounds each, and their personalities are starting to show. Saffron is a “spitfire who holds her own with her brothers,” said zoo biologist Andy Goldfarb. “Masala is more mellow and focused, and Cori is high-energy and the first to start the wrestling and playtime.” The triplets are the first litter for mom Sang Dao and dad Tien. — Watch it at YouTube

Zaley, a chocolate Lab, was found outside a pet store the day after she ran off from an accident scene.
Zaley, a chocolate Lab, was found outside a pet store the day after she ran off from an accident scene.

Missing Dog Found at Pet Store

A chocolate Labrador Retriever who ran off after a car crash in Monroe, Washington, on Sunday night was found lying outside a closed pet store when a staff member arrived Monday at 5:30 a.m. “I came from my truck and I saw him lying there soaking wet,” says the employee, Breanna Findley. “I had no idea it was the same dog from the accident last night.” Findley posted photos of Zaley to a local lost dogs Facebook group and learned the dog was involved in the crash. Police picked the dog up and reunited him with his relieved family. The two adults and a baby in the car were injured when a 17-year-old driver crossed a center median and hit their car head-on. All of those involved are expected to be OK. “To get their dog back I think it’s the start of their healing process,” said a Monroe police officer. — Watch it at Seattle’s KIRO

Troopers Save Dog From I-95

A small dog was rescued from busy I-95 in Fairfield, Connecticut, during rush hour on Monday morning. The state police got several 911 calls about the dog, who was spotted darting in and out of lanes on the northbound side of the interstate. State troopers shut down the highway briefly to get to the dog. The scared pooch hid under a stopped pickup truck, but Trooper Michael Spry was able to retrieve him. “I was just glad to get it off the highway so it didn’t get hurt,” Spry said. The dog was taken to Fairfield Animal Control. If an owner doesn’t come forward within eight days, he will be put up for adoption. — Watch it at NBC Connecticut


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