Pet Scoop: Excited Dog Reunited With Original Owner, Sweater-Wearing Sheep Found

Dec. 11, 2014: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Titan smothers his original owner, Allen Williams, with kisses at their reunion Saturday.
Titan smothers his original owner, Allen Williams, with kisses at their reunion Saturday.

Microchip Reveals Dog’s Owner

Last week, a family brought the dog they called Cocoa to the KC Pet Project in Missouri to find him a new home because they didn’t have a fence and he kept escaping from their home. The staff scanned the Doberman for a microchip, and found that he was registered to someone other than the family that relinquished him. They called the number and got Allen Williams, who was shocked to hear from them. He said the dog, who he called Titan, had escaped from his backyard three years ago and he never been able to find him. "I always thought he was still alive," he says. He thought someone else had decided to keep Titan. Williams went to the shelter the next day, where he was greeted by his very excited dog. "Our staff said that Titan saw his owner and immediately started jumping and wiggling. It took a very long time to get their picture because Titan was wiggling so much," said the KC Pet Project’s Tori Fugate. — Read it at the Huffington Post

Study: Fish Camouflage by Smelling Like Their Prey

New research finds that orange-spotted filefish protect themselves using a disguise that’s new to science. Scientists found that the fish, which feed exclusively on Acropora corals, ingest chemicals that make them smell like the scent of their food. That helps them hide from their own predators, including cod. Study leader Rohan Brooker of the Georgia Institute of Technology said it’s the first time scientists have found an animal that chemical camouflaged itself using its diet. The study was published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B. — Read it at National Geographic

Dallas Man Donates Scratch Ticket Winnings to Shelter

Bryce Vucekovich, 27, surprised the staff at the Dallas Animal Services shelter Saturday when he arrived with a truckload full of pet food, kitty litter and other supplies that he’d purchased with the $500 he won on a scratch ticket. Vucekovich adopted his three-legged dog, Fred, there last Christmas, and has been wanting to give back to the shelter. “I don’t think anybody wants to adopt a three-legged dog, but I made a bee-line for him,” says Vucekovich, who also had a one-eyed dog. “That’s my goal in life is to have a bunch of adopted rescue dogs.” Shelter manager Teresa Cleek said the shelter was grateful for the donations to help their 600 dogs and cats. — Read it at CBS Dallas-Fort Worth

Photos of a sheep found in Omaha wearing a Christmas sweater went viral, and helped reunite Gage with his owner.
Photos of a sheep found in Omaha wearing a Christmas sweater went viral, and helped reunite Gage with his owner.

Owner Claims #ChristmasSheep

We have another happy — and quirky — reunion to tell you about. Police in Omaha, Nebraska, got an unusual call Sunday night from a homeowner who reported that there was a sheep wearing a Christmas sweater in his yard. The police contacted the Nebraska Humane Society, which has gotten some unusual calls in the past, but “this was a first," said spokeswoman Pam Wiese. The group posted a photo of Gage in his green and red knit sweater on their Facebook page and Twitter. The #christmassheep quickly went viral — and led to the dapper animal’s reunion with his owner, Margaret Vazquez, Tuesday night. In order to prove the Gage belonged to her, Vazquez brought along clear evidence: photos of Gage dressed up for other occasions, including Halloween. — Read it at ABC News

Panda Triplets Meet Their Mom

Giant panda mom Juxiao finally got the chance to meet her trio of little ones Tuesday at China’s Chimelong Safari Park. The world’s only known surviving panda triplets were born on July 29. They were immediately separated from their mom because in previous cases of triplets, not all of the babies have survived. In a video of the meeting released by the park, Juxiao can be seen cradling two of the cubs affectionately. She left the third alone because it was sleeping. With each of the cubs now weighing in at about 17 pounds, their keepers said they’re strong enough to be in the enclosure with Juxiao. — Read it and watch it at the U.K.’s Independent


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