Pet Scoop: Exhausted Cop Naps After Saving Puppy, Otter Pup Reunited With Family

May 25, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

SPCA Florida's Connie Johnson snapped this photo of Lakeland Police Officer Kareem Garibaldi napping with the puppy he saved.
SPCA Florida's Connie Johnson snapped this photo of Lakeland Police Officer Kareem Garibaldi napping with the puppy he saved.

Cop Rescues Pup on Night Shift

A Florida police officer became a hero for a 2-month-old Pit Bull puppy he found wandering around a neighborhood in the early hours of Saturday morning. Lakeland Police Officer Kareem Garibaldi said the puppy didn’t have any tags, so he brought her back to the station and then back home with him after his shift ended. The next day, he again tried to find the cute puppy’s owner, with no luck. So, after his 12-hour shift ended early in the morning, he brought her to SPCA Florida for an exam and vaccinations. That’s where the shelter’s Connie Johnson snapped this sweet photo of the tired officer catching some sleep on a bench beside the pup. The best news for this puppy? Garibaldi decided to keep her, and he’s named her Hope. — Read it at The Dodo

Bridesmaid Jumps in to Save Drowning Gosling

Usually, when a member of a wedding party winds up in a body of water, it’s accidental. But while at a photo shoot for a wedding in the U.K., one of the bridesmaids waded right into a lake to save a gosling who was being attacked by a large black swan. The bridesmaid, Faye West, returned the gosling to its parents. "As she came to shore and returned the shaken little gosling, everyone cheered and we continued on with the portraits — not before the two geese let out two mighty honks of appreciation though!" said the photographer, Rosie Hardy. She shared the photos on Facebook, writing "Faith in humanity: restored. What a hero!" In a comment on the photos, West said she went back to check on the gosling the next day, and it was doing well. — See photos at Los Angeles' ABC 7

Study: Apes Take Turns Talking, Too

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology have found that much like humans, great apes also have cooperative communication, where they take turns listening and making sounds in their conversations. They systematically compared the communicative interactions between mother and infant bonobos and chimps in their natural environments. The bonobos, who seemed to “anticipate signals before they have been fully articulated," had the closest communication model to humans, said the authors of the study. Their findings were reported in the journal Scientific Reports. — Read it at

Toby, a rescued otter pup, was reunited with his family on a Singapore beach this month.
Toby, a rescued otter pup, was reunited with his family on a Singapore beach this month.

Rescued Otter Reunited With Family

Earlier this month, a bystander came to the rescue of a 6-week-old otter pup named Toby in Singapore. Toby is a member of the family known as the Marina 9, and when retiree Patrick Ng saw him slip into a canal at high tide and nearly drown, he dove in to help him. He left the pup beside the canal in hopes that his family would come back. When Toby was still there hours later, he was taken in by Wildlife Reserves Singapore. After a few days a bottle feedings, WRS brought him back to the beach his family frequents to release him. This time, when Toby started cry for companionship, his family heard him and ran out of the bushes to greet him in a reunion that was caught on video. The rescue group is continuing to keep an eye on the Marina 9 to ensure Toby isn’t rejected by the family. — Watch it at People Pets

Golfers Honored for Saving Dog and Owner

We have one more rescue story for you today. Last week, Jim Palecek was throwing a ball around near a canal in Scottsdale, Arizona, when the ball went in the water. Duke, his 6-month-old Australian Shepherd, went in after it — and Palecek went in after Duke. He managed to grab hold of his dog’s collar, but couldn’t climb up the steep, slippery embankment of the canal. He was desperately clinging to the side when two golfers spotted him. Danny Ortega was able to pull the dog to safety while his friend, Tyler Moore, used a golf club to help stabilize Palecek until the Scottsdale Fire Department arrived. The two men were honored Tuesday by the fire department for assisting in the rescue. — Read it at Arizona Central


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