Pet Scoop: Family Adopts Late Marine’s K9 Partner, Firefighters Save Abandoned Kitten

March 3, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Sirius has retired with the family of his late Marine partner, Josh Ashley.
Sirius has retired in California with the family of his late Marine partner, Josh Ashley.

Retired K9 Meets Marine’s Mom

Before 23-year-old Marine Josh Ashley was killed in action, he asked his mom to take care of his K9, Sirius, if he ever needed a place to go. Four years later, Tammie Ashley is giving the newly retired dog a home — and she said they had a special connection as soon as she picked him up at the Ontario airport. "It was the strangest thing," Tammie said. "He was smelling my face like he was going to lick it, and it was almost like 'I recognize you.' Like, 'You were Josh's mom.'" Both Tammie and Josh’s younger brother, Jordan, are happy to have the big dog at their California home to remind them of Josh. "It's like getting a little piece of my brother back home. So, it's really nice having him around," said Jordan. — Watch it at CBS News

Japan’s Cat Island Gets Massive Food Donations

On the remote island of Aoshima of Japan, cats outnumber humans 6 to 1. The cats are dependent on the many tourists who visit the island to bring them food, but with recent high winds and bad weather, there hadn’t been visitors. A cat caretaker took to Twitter to make a plea for food donations — and the island soon had to ask the public to stop sending food. “We got far more than we ever expected, and there's no more storage room,” the caretaker tweeted. “We'll be fine until April. Thank you all very much.” — Read it at People Pets

Horse Saved in 5-Hour Rescue

After an adult horse fell 15 feet down an embankment into an Oregon river on Monday and got stuck in the mud, firefighters from two counties came to the rescue. In a 5-hour operation, the crew used a life raft and pulley system to save the horse. The Monitor Fire District reported on Facebook that the horse was recovering after the ordeal. “Horse was doing ok, walked out with owner about 1 mile to horse trailer,” they said in a post. — Read it at UPI

Firefighters in Miami saved the life of a kitten who they heard crying and left in a plastic bag.
Firefighters in Miami saved the life of a kitten who they heard crying and left in a plastic bag.

Firefighters Find Kitten in Bag

As they were leaving a call in the Miami area on Monday night, firefighters with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue heard another cry for help. They followed the sound to find a tiny kitten, believed to be 2 to 3 weeks old, tied in a plastic bag and left in the bushes. The kitten was named Christine after one of her heroes, and was taken to the Humane Society of Broward County. She’ll be available for adoption in a few weeks. — Read it at Miami’s Local 10

Canada’s Kids Get to Name New Police Puppies

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are expecting 13 new German Shepherd puppies to be born soon at the Police Dog Service Training Centre in Alberta — and they’re asking the country’s kids to help name them. Kids under the age of 14 who live in Canada are allowed to submit their ideas, but they must meet some specific criteria. The names have to start with the letter J, be no more than nine letters long, and have one or two syllables. We can’t wait to see what they come up with — and to see pictures of the puppies once they arrive. — Read it at Canada’s Global News


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