Pet Scoop: Family Saves Injured Sloth’s Life, Lindsey Vonn Wants Help Naming Puppy

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A badly injured sloth survived thanks to the quick actions of the family who found him in Costa Rica.
A badly injured sloth survived thanks to the quick actions of the family who found him in Costa Rica.

Quick Action Saves Injured Sloth

Days ago, a family in Costa Rica found an adult male sloth weak and dehydrated, and got him immediate attention at the Sloth Sanctuary. The injured animal was named Braulio because he was found near Braulio Carrillo National Park. Unfortunately, Braulio’s right arm was so severely burned, likely from an uninsulated power line, that late-night surgery was required to remove it. His caretakers are working to restart his digestive system, and on Sunday Braulio was well enough to get outside into the “healing warmth of the Costa Rican sunshine.” He’s gaining strength and adjusting to moving in the trees without his right arm. Although many animals are rehabilitated and released from the sanctuary, Braulio will likely need to live the rest of his life there due to his injury. But the sanctuary emphasizes that the quick actions of the family who called them and brought him in “ultimately saved his life.” — Read it from the Sloth Sanctuary Costa Rica via Facebook

Detection Dogs Help Sniff Out Bear Habitats

Researchers have found a new, noninvasive method of collecting data on bears that could further help their recovery. Detection dogs, as well as genetic analysis and scientific models, are being used to assess habitats suitable for bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem to the northern U.S. Rockies. Two Labrador Retrievers and two German Shepherds trained by Working Dogs for Conservation tracked down 616 scat samples from black bears and 24 from grizzly bears in a 965 square mile area. "The dogs easily alerted us to a multitude of black bear scat, while also readily locating the rare grizzly bear scat, resulting in a multitude of data points and a robust model," said Aimee Hurt, co-founder of Working Dogs for Conservation. Knowing more about where the bears are living helps land managers and others make more informed conservation decisions and may further the recovery of grizzly bears. The study was released by the Wildlife Conservation Society. — Read it at Science Daily

Mini Therapy Horse in Training Visits New York

A miniature horse made a big splash when he visited the Big Apple last weekend. Honor is training with Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses, which provides the mini horses to comfort people suffering from stress or trauma. He traveled with an entourage of five volunteers to keep him safe and ensure he had enough space when curious crowds gathered around him. Teams of therapy horses from the non-profit work with more than 40,000 people per year, visiting hospitals as well as disaster scenes. — See photos at the U.K.’s Daily Mail

Tierney, a 6-year-old Mastiff, was tracked down in Ohio after being missing for 9 months.
Tierney, a 6-year-old Mastiff, was tracked down in Ohio after being missing for 9 months.

Search Dog Finds Missing Mastiff

Desperate to find her dog who’d been missing for nine months, Mary Odeh turned to Jordina Thorp with Lost Dog Tracking and Capture, who’d helped reunite a missing police dog with his partner last year. Over the weekend, Thorp, along that police officer, who volunteered his time, finally tracked down Odeh’s missing 6-year-old Mastiff. They found Tierney in a field — 50 miles from his Ohio home. "She messaged me, ‘We got him’ and she sent me a picture," Odeh said. "My heart was racing. I was jumping up and down, running around the house like what do I do?" Odeh was happily reunited with Tierney, who smothered his owner with kisses. Tierney had lost 25 pounds and was found with a large growth on his leg, but his veterinarian said he was otherwise in good health. — Watch it at Cincinnati’s WLWT

Lindsey Vonn Needs Help Naming Puppy

Champion alpine skier Lindsey Vonn has a new addition to her canine family — and she needs help coming up with a name. Vonn says she got the puppy in Italy, where she’s spending the ski season. Once she returns to the U.S., the pup will join Vonn’s rescue dogs, Leo and Bear. The skier introduced the adorable little girl on her Instagram on Monday. And asked her fans to weigh in on her name. “I'm having a hard time finding a name though... What do u guys think? Lucy? Cookie? Help!! Xoxo,” she posted. Send her your ideas! — See photo at ESPN


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