Pet Scoop: FDA Limits Antibiotic Use On Animals, Americans Own More Cats Than Dogs

January 5, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Chicken Farm
A new FDA ruling means that farmers may need to cut back on antibiotic-loading poultry to prevent E. coli.

FDA Curtails Unchecked Use of Antibiotics On Animals

Cephalosporins are antibiotics that are commonly employed to fight infections in children, but they've also been used to battle salmonella in cattle and prevent E. coli in poultry. Fearful that overuse of these medications might be creating antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains or super bugs, the FDA announced this week that new restrictions are in place for these drugs. — Read it at NPR.

New Crab Species Pays Homage to Actor David Hasselhoff

Hopefully, Bay Watch actor David Hasselhoff isn't too crabby about a newly discovered, hairy-chested crustacean dubbed "The Hoff" by UK scientists. The researchers on the expedition off the coast of South Georgia also uncovered new species of starfish, barnacles, sea anemones and an octopus on the Southern Ocean floor. — Read it at BBC.

So How Big Is the U.S. Pet Population?

About 73 million households have at least one furry — or scaled — friend. As for the critter population breakdown: Americans own more cats (86 million) than dogs (78 million). — Read it at USA Today.

Bo Obama
Flickr / The White House
First Dog Bo Obama.

First Lady Michelle Obama Wouldn't Balk at a Dog's Life

In a recent Barbara Walters interview, First Lady Michelle Obama said that she wouldn't mind being reincarnated as her Portuguese Water Dog, Bo. "He's got it good . . . He's got a great life," she said. — Read it at Dogster.

African Lizards Inspire Robotic Advancements

At The University of California Berkeley, scientists and students observed African lizards using their tails to leap from danger without falling forward. The experts were then able to translate that dexterity into a mini robot that has unparalleled maneuverability. The hope is that the technology may one day be used to help locate people buried in rubble following an earthquake. — Read it at SF Gate.

Kitty Litter Legal Battle

Catfight! Arm & Hammer's parent company sued Clorox for false advertising and won after the rival company claimed that cats preferred their Fresh Step litter to Arm & Hammer's Super Scoop — based on what was determined to be faulty science. — Read it at NY Daily News.

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