Pet Scoop: Firefighters Rescue Kitten From Blaze, U.S.-Born Pandas Adjust to New Life

Nov. 21, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Smokey, a 3-week-old kitten, was rescued from a fire that engulfed a duplex in Miami.
Smokey, a 3-week-old kitten, was rescued from a fire that engulfed a duplex in Miami.

Paramedics Save 3-Week-Old Kitten

Miami firefighters battling flames in a duplex on Saturday afternoon were searching for victims when they came across a 3-week-old kitten. He was barely alive when he was brought to paramedics on the scene, who treated him and cleaned him up. The crew searched the area for a mother cat, but when they couldn’t find her, they decided to take Smokey back to the station with them. Miami Fire Rescue shared photos of Smokey on Facebook, and the next day, a mother and son who’d seen the story on the news arrived and adopted Smokey. — Read it at NBC Miami

Panda Twins Miss Their U.S. Treats

Mei Lun and Mei Huan, the first panda twins born in the U.S. to survive, are trying to adjust to their new life in China — but the transition hasn’t been easy. The 3-year-old cubs much prefer their American crackers to the bread that they get at their new home at Chengdu Giant Panda Research, and their keepers have had to mix the crackers with their other food to get them to eat. They’re also trying to learn Chinese. While they respond to their names, they’re still learning the Sichuan terms for commands like, “come here.” The twins arrived in China earlier this month from Zoo Atlanta, where they were born. It’s part of an agreement with the Chinese government that any babies born in the U.S. would move to Chengdu. — Read it at People Pets

Rare Painted Dogs Get a Doctor’s Visit

The animal care team at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans managed to examine 10 young African painted dogs in just one hour before returning the pups to their parents. They all passed the exam with flying colors, and officials determined their genders for the first time — five of the pups are males and five are females. The endangered pups were born on Sept. 11. The zoo plans to name them now that they know their genders. — See photos at Zooborns

Lola the teacup Chihuahua was reunited with her 93-year-old owner on Saturday.
Lola the teacup Chihuahua was reunited with her 93-year-old owner on Saturday.

Stolen Dog Returned to WWII Vet

A 93-year-old World War II veteran had an emotional reunion with his teacup Chihuahua, who’d been missing since Nov. 9. A boy from Roger LeClair’s California neighborhood said he saw a woman drive up and take Lola. Luckily, she was found not long afterward and cared for by a woman who found Lola while she was coaching at a nearby field. After hearing news reports about the missing 12-year-old dog, she returned her to LeClair on Saturday. “Oh sweetheart, my goodness,” LeClair said through tears as he hugged his beloved dog. “Oh I don’t know how to thank you,” he told the woman who found Lola. — Read it at Los Angeles' Fox 11

Sad Cat Looks Quite Content After Adoption

Ben Ben the cat has had a difficult life, and his face showed it. He was brought in as a stray at the British Columbia SPCA, and was suffering from several injuries, including a damaged ear and spine. “I fell in love right away,” said Sandy Windover, who works at an emergency vet clinic. After Ben Ben was transferred to the BCSPCA hospital, he was deemed “unadoptable” because of his condition and was slated to be put down — until Windover and her boyfriend stepped in. “We decided to adopt him because we believe everyone deserves a chance! He was so broken and sick and didn’t look like he’d ever been loved!! His face melted our hearts and we knew we had to take a chance on him!” He’s now looking comfortable and content in their home, and he loves to explore and meet new people, Windover said. Now, Ben Ben is using his Internet fame to help other strays who need medical help with a GoFundMe page. — See photos at the Huffington Post


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