Pet Scoop: Firefighters Save Dog From Gas Leak, Animal Shelter Benefits After Blunder

May 14, 2013: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

The firefighters left one note explaining how they cared for Duffy — and a second explaining how the dog had torn things up before they arrived.
The firefighters left one note explaining how they cared for Duffy — and a second explaining how the dog had torn things up before they arrived.

Rescuers Went "Above Call of Duty"

A dog owner in Prince George’s County, Md., is thanking firefighters for “truly going above and beyond the call of duty” to take care of his dog when there was a gas leak in his neighborhood. Owner James Hunt wasn’t home on Thursday when contractors nearby broke a gas line, forcing the evacuation of nearby homes. When he returned, he found a note written on a piece of cardboard from fire Captain Donny Fletcher. It explained that his crew had to break the door down to make sure no one was inside Hunt’s house. When they found Hunt’s dog, Duffy, they coaxed her outside into the fresh air, let her hang out on the fire truck while her home aired out, then got her fresh food and water before putting her safely back inside. “I was ecstatic," Hunt said. “They made Duffy feel comfortable. She was happy.” — Read it at NBC Washington

Does Your Dog Sound Like Jimmy Fallon?

The results of a new survey by dog food company Kibbles ‘N Bits reveals some of the favorite celebrities of dog owners. It found that more than one-third of respondents thought Jimmy Fallon would make a better voice for a dog than Jimmy Kimmel, Hoda Kotb, Fran Drescher or Richard Simmons. Whoopi Goldberg was a winner, too, with one-third saying their female dog would sound more like her than competitors Barbara Walters or Joan Rivers. And what if dog owners had to choose a celebrity to care for their dogs for a day? Animal lover Betty White was a clear winner, with 54 percent of the vote. — Read it at USA Today

Scientists Use Earthquake Sensor to Track Whales

University of Washington oceanographers are using seafloor seismometers to match fin whale calls with their swimming behavior, giving them new hints at the endangered animals' movement and communication patterns. They are hopeful that knowing more about the massive whales’ swimming behaviors and where and what they eat will help fast-moving ships avoid hitting them. "This is an incredibly rich dataset that can start to pull together the information we need to link the fin whales with their deep-ocean environments," said researcher Michelle Weirathmueller. Their findings were published in a series of papers in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. — Read it at Science Daily

Animal Haven owner Susan Babbitt explains the donation mixup.
Animal Haven owner Susan Babbitt explains the donation mixup during an interview.

Animal Shelter Gets Help After $200,000 Donation Mistake

Susan Babbitt, owner of Ward-Wiseman Animal Haven in Collinsville, Okla., was thrilled when she was told by a law firm in Arizona that a woman they represented had left the shelter $200,000 in her will. Babbitt’s shelter has been struggling financially. But shortly after the check arrived, the firm called to tell her they’d made a mistake, and the money was supposed to go to a shelter in Collinsville, Ill. Although she was disappointed, Babbitt respected the woman’s wishes and returned the check. The situation has paid off in smaller amounts, though, for Babbitt’s group. The law firm gave her organization $12,000 to make up for its “human error,” and thousands of dollars in donations have poured in from people around the country who heard about the mistake. — Watch it at Fox News

Dozens of Bald Eagles Descend on Pickup Truck

After he finished grocery shopping at a Safeway in Alaska, the owner of a pickup truck returned to find quite a sight: 40 bald eagles surrounding his vehicle. The back of his truck was filled with fish that he was planning to dispose of, before the birds got their talons it. Police had to come to the scene to get the eagles to safely disperse so shoppers could get into their cars. — Watch it at Paw Nation


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