Pet Scoop: Firefighters Save Hamsters With Oxygen, NFL Player Injured Chasing Puppy

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Lacey, Washington, firefighters rescued four hamsters with a tiny oxygen mask.
Lacey, Washington, firefighters rescued four hamsters with a tiny oxygen mask.

Hamsters Rescued From Fire

Firefighters in Lacey, Washington, saved some tiny victims from a fire in a mobile home Friday. After they extinguished the blaze, which started in the clothes dryer, they discovered a family of hamsters passed out in their nearby cage from smoke inhalation. Firefighter Eric Bamer brought the two adults, Oreo and Madonna, and three babies outside and used tubing and a plastic bag to give them oxygen. Sadly, one of the babies didn’t make it, but the rest of the hamsters survived and are at home with their owners. “We naturally wanted to do everything we could to help them,” said Tim Hulse, the department’s battalion chief. The department is reminding people not to go to bed or leave their homes with the dryer running. — Read it at NBC News

Study: Cows Don’t Like Cowbells

More cowbell? Not for these cows. A new study from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich finds that the large cowbells that many Swiss cows wear around their necks for ceremonial occasions harm their hearing and eating habits. The researchers put the 12-pound bells on more than 100 cows at farms around Switzerland. They found that after wearing the loud bells, the cows became unresponsive to sound. They also ate for shorter durations and chewed less. The scientists recommended fitting the cows with GPS devices instead of bells, but they’re finding it hard to convince some people who are holding tight to the country’s cowbell tradition. — Read it at the Fox News

Bravo Pet Food Recalled Over Salmonella

The Connecticut raw pet food company Bravo has announced a recall of its Raw Turkey Blend for dogs and cats, All Natural Chicken Blend for cats and dogs, Raw Premium Turkey Formula and All Natural Chicken Blend diet for dogs and cats after a positive salmonella test conducted by health authorities in Nebraska. The products were sold nationwide. You can find out which lots of food have been recalled and what to do if you have the food by visiting the Bravo website. Salmonella can affect both pets and their owners who’ve handled the food. Symptoms include vomiting, fever and diarrhea. — Read it at Oregon Live

Detroit Lions tight end Joe Fauria says he sprained his ankle trying to stop his puppy from peeing on the carpet.
Detroit Lions tight end Joe Fauria says he sprained his ankle trying to stop his puppy from peeing on the carpet.

NFL Player Injured Chasing Puppy

It wasn’t a huge linebacker that took out Detroit Lions tight end Joe Fauria. It was someone much smaller — and cuter. Fauria admitted Monday he missed the game Sunday because he sprained his ankle after tripping down two stairs in his home while trying to stop his 3-month-old puppy from peeing on the carpet. "I hate to blame it on Lil' Rufio, but it is kind of his fault, and my fault too, for not being athletic enough to catch myself," Fauria said. He shared this photo of the adorable pup on Twitter and asked fans to go easy on the little guy, saying he was working hard to get back on the field. — Read it at Yahoo

Police Rescue Trapped Baby Deer

During a thunderstorm in Menasha, Wisconsin, last week, two police officers spotted a fawn trapped in the net from a soccer goal at a local park. A dashboard cam captured the scene as the two worked to free the animal despite the storm. After the deer runs off, one of the officers can be heard saying, “Bambi went home.” The officers, whose department is calling them the “deer whisperers,” then repaired the soccer net. — Watch it at the Huffington Post


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