Pet Scoop: Freeway Frida Goes Home With Hero Cop, Officers Save Kitten From Bridge

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Freeway Frida was adopted by one of the police officers who saved her from a highway median.
Freeway Frida was adopted by one of the police officers who saved her from a highway median.

Recovering Shepherd Gets Home

After a long ordeal, a beautiful German Shepherd who was rescued from a highway median in Galt, California, is headed home with a police officer who helped save her life. Known as Freeway Frida, the dog had survived on Highway 99 for five weeks with a severely injured leg. The Galt Police had received several calls about the dog, who’d apparently fallen out the back of a pickup truck, but couldn’t find her until May 14. That day, Officer Sylvia Coelho was determined to locate and save her. She earned Frida’s trust and brought her for help at the VCA Bradshaw Animal Hospital. And now, Coelho has rescued her again, giving Frida a forever home. Sporting a patriotic bandage on her leg, she excitedly greeted Coelho when she arrived to take her home on Thursday, after 7 weeks of rehabilitation. — Read it at Sacramento’s Fox 40

Rare Tiger Cub Twins Born

A pair of critically endangered Sumatran tiger cubs was born to 7-year-old mom Melati at the ZSL London Zoo on Monday morning. The first cub was born at 9:19 a.m. and the second followed at 10:02 a.m. They got a thorough cleaning from their mom before they nestled in to feed. The twins haven’t yet opened their eyes, and their gender isn’t yet known. Keepers have been monitoring the cubs 24/7 with cameras, and 8-year-old dad Jae Jae has even been spotted taking a peek at his newborns. — Read it from the ZSL London Zoo

NOAA Reminds Public Not to Touch Seal Pups

The reminder comes after several cases of people picking up seal pups they found on West Coast beaches. In two cases, the pups lost their lives because of it. In a third case, a pup was picked up and later returned to the same place in hopes that it would reunite with its mom, and in a fourth case, the pup was taken to a rehabilitation facility. NOAA officials are reminding people that harbor seal pups begin foraging on their own at about 4 to 6 weeks old, and that even though they may be left in a spot for days or weeks on their own, that doesn’t mean they’ve been abandoned. Feeding or trying to move them, however, may cause their mothers to abandon them. If you see a pup on the beach, stay at least 100 yards away. If they appear injured, you can contact the West Coast Marine Mammal Stranding Network. — Read it at Seattle’s KING5

Eddie was named after a police officer who saved him from an Ocean City bridge.
Eddie was named after a police officer who saved him from an Ocean City bridge.

Kitten Saved From Bridge

Just in time for holiday weekend beach traffic to start flowing into Ocean City, Maryland, police officers there saved an adorable young kitten from the Route 90 bridge in the beach town. Several officers jumped in to try to catch the kitten, who was named Eddie for the officer who finally managed to catch him. Despite the difficulty they had in capturing him, Eddie looked quite content to perch on an animal control officer’s shoulder for a selfie before heading to safety on Thursday. — Read it from Ocean City Police via Facebook

Injured Elephant Gets Prosthetic Leg

Mosha, an elephant who lives at the Friends of the Asian Elephant Foundation in Thailand, has become the first elephant to get an effective and functional prosthetic leg. Mosha was 7 months old when she lost her left front leg to a landmine. The group is continually designing and creating new molds for the growing elephant, who now weighs more than 4,400 pounds. — See photos at ABC News


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