Pet Scoop: Fugitive Puppy Gets a Mug Shot, Newborn Ducklings Surprisingly Smart

July 15, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

A wandering puppy named Willow was brought to the police department and "booked" this week.
A wandering puppy named Willow was brought to the police department and "booked" this week.

Friendly Fugitive Found in Florida

A young outlaw is out on bail — and safely back at home — after being captured while on the run on Florida’s West coast. The Tarpon Springs Police Department shared Willow’s mug shot and the details of her “arrest” in a light-hearted Facebook post earlier this week. “She was very cooperative with officers and probably one of the most friendly prisoners we've ever had in custody,” the post reads. “Just a little short for her booking photo so she needed assistance getting to the right height.” The department also got her paw prints — but they were digital, so no ink was involved, reported Fox 13 Salt Lake City. Willow’s owners bailed her out and have been reunited with her. — Read it from the Tarpon Springs Police via Facebook

Study: Newborn Ducklings Can Think Abstractly

You might not think of fuzzy little yellow ducklings as particularly intelligent creatures, but a new study finds they can understand abstract ideas like “same” and “different” when they’re barely 24 hours old. Previously, only animals with advanced intelligence were thought to be capable of understanding concepts like these, after extensive training. Researchers showed newly hatched ducklings pairs of objects that matched each other in shape or color or differed from each other. They found the ducklings were able to recognize and respond to other objects that were similarly grouped just 30 minutes later. They tested the ducklings by taking advantage of their early-life learning process, which is called imprinting. The study was published in the journal Science. — Read it at Live Science

Police Rescue Puppy From Hot Car

An animal shelter worker happened to be running errands at a Home Depot in Kansas on Monday when he heard a puppy’s cries coming from the SUV parked next to him. “I could hear it, but I couldn’t see it,” because of the SUV’s tinted windows, Scott Poore said. “Eventually, I saw his little head pop up from a milk crate.” He said the 2-month-old puppy was jumping up and down and whimpering. It was 96 degrees outside at the time. Poore called the police for help and videotaped the officers as they broke into the vehicle to rescue the puppy. The officers wrapped the pup in a wet towel and gave it water. The owner, who was very upset with the situation when she returned, was cited with unlawful treatment of an animal and must appear before a judge. — Read it from Inside Edition via Yahoo and find out what to do if you see a dog in a hot car

Owner Jason is reunited with his Lab, Stanley, after hero hikers freed him from a log he was trapped under.
Owner Jason is reunited with his Lab, Stanley, after hero hikers freed him from a log he was trapped under.

Hikers Save Dog From Creek

Two hikers came to the rescue of a black Labrador Retriever who got stuck under a log jam in Saint Vrain Creek in Colorado on Monday. Stanley was apparently cooling off in the stream when he was swept away by the current and his worried owner, Jason, couldn’t find him despite a desperate search. After an hour, he left the scene to call the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office for help when, luckily, hikers Andy and Jennifer heard Stanley “whimpering and barking for help, he was pinned under a log jam with only his head above the water,” the sheriff’s office wrote in a Facebook post. “Jennifer and Andy pulled Stanley to safety and he was reunited with a very grateful Jason.” — Read it at People Pets

Baby Snow Leopard Needs a Name

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo introduced an adorable 10-week-old snow leopard cub on Wednesday. The female cub was born on May 5 to mom Sombra and dad Amga. Snow leopards are considered endangered, with only an estimated 7,000 remaining in the wild. Starting today, the zoo will be asking the public to vote on four name choices selected by the staff. — Read it at NewsNet5 Cleveland and see photos and video from the zoo via Facebook


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