Pet Scoop: Gigantic Bunny Hops Into New Home, Orphaned Kangaroo Gets a Surrogate

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Atlas the giant bunny has a new home with an experienced owner.
Atlas the giant bunny has a happy new home with an experienced owner.

Dog-Sized Bunny Gets Adopted

With just over two weeks to go before Easter, one enormous bunny has a new home. Last month, 7-month-old continental giant rabbit Atlas made international headlines as the Scottish SPCA sought to find him an experienced owner. “We were absolutely overwhelmed by the response to our rehoming appeal for Atlas and we had hundreds of calls and emails from people all over the world, including America, Canada and France,” said rescue center manager Anna O’Donnell. But the group announced this week it had found him the perfect forever home right in Scotland. The “global celebrity” went home last weekend with Jen Hislop, who’s had giant rabbits before. “My rabbits are family members,” Hislop said. “Atlas is an absolute hoot and doesn’t stop running around unless he’s crashed out on his massive beanbag.” Atty, as Hislop has nicknamed him, also enjoys going out and about in his pet stroller. — Read it at USA Today

SeaWorld Killer Whale’s Health Deteriorating

Tilikum, the 34-year-old orca who killed a SeaWorld trainer in 2010, is suffering from a bacterial infection in his lungs. The company said the whale is not responding to treatment. “We are saddened to report that over the past few weeks, Tilikum's behavior has become increasingly lethargic," SeaWorld said, and added that veterinarians were working to ensure the whale was comfortable. Tilikum's life was detailed in the 2013 documentary “Blackfish,” which made a case against keeping orcas in captivity for entertainment. — Read it at Reuters via Yahoo

Young Giraffe Races Around Exhibit

Here’s some happier news for you. With warm temperatures in much of the country, it’s starting to feel like spring — and humans aren’t the only ones who are excited about it. With temperatures at an unusually high 70 degrees in Chicago, 2-year-old Potoka seemed to jump for joy as he cavorted around his enclosure at the Brookfield Zoo, delighting onlookers. Often, it’s late April or early May before it’s warm enough for Potoka and the rest of his heard to spend time in their outdoor exhibit. — Read it at Inside Edition and watch it at YouTube

Barkley's surrogate mom plans to carry him in his makeshift pouch for the next six months.
Barkley's surrogate mom plans to carry him in his makeshift pouch for the next six months.

Keeper Plays Mom to Kangaroo

After his mom died unexpectedly several weeks ago, Barkley the kangaroo joey moved into a makeshift pouch carried by surrogate mom Amanda Dukart. She got a call at 3 a.m. to come and get the baby, and for the next six months, the keeper plans to carry him wrapped around her throughout the day at the Chahinkapa Zoo in North Dakota. For kangaroos, “most of the development actually happens in the pouch, whereas a lot of our development happens inside the womb,” Dukart explains. She’s hopeful that this attempt to recreate his mom’s pouch will help baby Barkley survive. — Read it from the AP via NBC News and watch it at Science Daily

Wrangler Set to Say Goodbye to “Today” Show

Now that he’s ready to move on to the next stage of his formal guide dog training, Wrangler will bid farewell to his friends at NBC’s “Today” show this morning. The yellow Labrador Retriever has spent the last 14 months making appearances on the morning show while living with his puppy raiser, Saxon. He’s met celebrities, made friends with the anchors and grown up before the eyes of millions of viewers. He’s now headed back to Guiding Eyes to train with professionals. — Read it at Today


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