Pet Scoop: Guide Dog Saves Blind Woman From Burglars, Caterpillar Resembles Donald Trump

May 6, 2013: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Yolanda the guide dog is hailed as a hero for saving her blind owner.
Yolanda the guide dog is hailed as a hero for saving her blind owner.

Dog Runs Off Would-Be Robbers

At 3 a.m. Christina Colon woke to the sound of her guide dog Yolanda growling — and heard two unfamiliar male voices in her Philadelphia house. Yolanda reacted quickly, pulling the door to her owner's room shut behind her and running downstairs to chase off the intruders. That's when Christina noticed her home was filling with natural gas. The burglars had turned the stove on before they left. She called police and was surprised to learn they were already at her door — Yolanda had already pressed an emergency phone, alerting the authorities. "Maybe for you she is the hero,"Colon said. "But for me, she is my angel." — Read it at NBC Philadelphia

Study: Honeybees Dying From "Complex Stew of Factors"

Researchers from the University of Illinois and the Environmental Protection Agency have determined that the severe decline in honeybees isn't due to any single cause, but to multiple factors including pesticides, parasites, poor nutrition and a lack of genetic diversity. Honeybees are used to pollinate hundreds of crops, from almonds to strawberries to soybeans, but in recent years the need for them is falling far short of the supply, which could have devastating effects on American agriculture.“There is no quick fix,” said May R. Berenbaum, head of the department of entomology at the University of Illinois. “Patching one hole in a boat that leaks everywhere is not going to keep it from sinking.” — Read it at TheNew York Times

Dogs and Driving Don't Mix for Seniors

Don't let Grandma take Fido on the road. That's the conclusion of a new study from the University of Alabama that found that drivers 70 years of age and older who habitually road trip with their pets are at increased risk for motor vehicle collisions."The increased crash rate for elderly drivers who always drive with pets is important in the context of increasing driver awareness about potentially dangerous driving habits,"said Gerald McGwin, Ph.D., a professor in the Departments of Epidemiology, Ophthalmology and Surgery and senior author of the study. — Read it at Science Daily

Spotted in an Amazon rainforest, a rare caterpillar is nicknamed for Donald Trump.
Spotted in an Amazon rainforest, a rare caterpillar is nicknamed for Donald Trump.

Caterpillar or Trump's Toupée?

On a wildlife photography tour in Peru, two men spotted the rare and bizarre-looking flannel moth caterpillar and snapped is picture. After posting the photo to their Facebook page, viewers immediately began comparing it to the NYC real estate mogul's famous coiff.“When we show people the image some don’t even know what it is, some think it’s a mammal, others a bird or some have said a plant,” said conservation biologist Phil Torres.“But to us and most of the people who’ve seen it, it’s Donald Trump’s toupee — left on a leaf in the Amazon.” — Read it at Discovery News

Kevin Spacey Names New Pup Boston

Kevin Spacey chose his new rescue dog's moniker as a way to honor of the American city scarred by last month's tragic terrorist bombing. The "House of Cards" actor — who is also a runner — flew to Boston immediately after the attack to help in any way he could. "The cops, nurses, doctors, hospital staff and patients that I have met over the past few days have given me the greatest feeling of pride in being an American and made me understand that we are all Boston," he said. — Read it at People Pets

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