Pet Scoop: Heiresses Help Humane Society, Scientists Clone Prized Cashmere Goat

March 16, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Georgina Bloomberg
Georgina Bloomberg pitched in to save 88 dogs from a North Carolina puppy mill.

NYC Mayor's Daughter Helps Rescue 88 Puppies

A Humane Society of the United States team, including famous names like Georgina Bloombergand Amanda Hearst, rescued dozens of dogs — and one pregnant cat — from a puppy mill in North Carolina this week. The women are part of a charity started by Hearst, a model and publishing heiress, called Friends of Finn. She named the charity after her dog, who she bought from a pet store that she didn’t realize sold puppy mill pups.

"Really for us it's about going back and spreading the word . . . especially being in New York, people tend to go to dog stores," said Bloomberg, whose father is New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. — Read it at City and State

Researchers Clone Pashmina-Producing Cashmere Goat

Scientists in Kashmir, funded in part by the World Bank, cloned a Himalayan goat whose numbers are dwindling. The animal’s silky undercoat is used to make expensive pashmina wool. Goats like the cloned Noori, born on March 9, are a major source of income for Indian-controlled Kashmir. — Read it at Fox News

Til, a German zoo's star rabbit, was killed when he was stepped on by a cameraman.

German Zoo’s Star Bunny Dies at His Public Debut

Til, a three-week-old rabbit born without ears, was being introduced to the public at a zoo in eastern Germany when a cameraman accidentally stepped on the tiny creature, killing him instantly. “No one could have foreseen this. Everyone here is upset. The cameraman was distraught," the zoo’s director said, according to Spiegel Online. — Read it at NPR

Two Rare Guam Rail Chicks Hatch at the National Zoo

The flightless birds, which are extinct in the wild, hatched at the beginning of the month, bringing the species’ population to 162. To date, 82 chicks have been born at the National Zoo and the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Virginia. Guam once teemed with the birds until a predator, the brown tree snake, decimated their numbers after arriving on the island in military equipment during World War II. — Read it at the Huffington Post

President Obama Takes a Much-Needed Bo Break

Hanging out with your dog can really brighten your day. In this cute photo, President Barack Obama took a moment during a busy week at the White House to catch up with Bo, his Portuguese Water Dog. — See the photo at People Pets

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