Pet Scoop: Hero Dog Saves Man From Blaze Just in Time, Suri Cruise's Pet Store Drama

July 17, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Danny the dog rescued an Alabama man from a house fire.
Danny the dog rescued an Alabama man from a house fire.

Dog Saves His Owner's Friend From a Raging Fire

Justin Fast is thanking his friend’s pup, Danny, for waking him up in time to escape from an early morning inferno in Alabama. "He moved a blanket back and started licking me on my face," says Fast. When Fast got out of bed, he realized that the shed in his backyard — only a few feet from his bedroom — was engulfed in flames. Fast and Danny got out just before the blaze spread to the house. — Watch it at WSFA

Suri Cruise Is Denied (You Heard Right!) a Pet Store Puppy

As if it’s not enough to be at the center of her parents’ headline-grabbing divorce, the paparazzi caught 6-year-old Suri Cruise having a meltdown while looking at puppies at a Manhattan pet shop. Apparently, Suri really wanted that doggie in the window — an adorable Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese mix. When mom Katie Holmes said no, Suri was caught on camera throwing a tantrum. — Read it at ABC News

Mexican Gray Wolves Boost Their Numbers

Federally protected Mexican gray wolves have formed two new packs in the American Southwest, bringing the total number of packs in the region to 14. Authorities have been trying to coax the wolves back to their historic range in Arizona and New Mexico for years, but they’ve had to battle ranchers, who've fought the predators’ return. — Read it at the LA Times

Soldier’s MIA Dog Turns Up 1,000 Miles Away

It's been three years since Molly, a Basset Hound, disappeared from Fort Hood in Texas after running away from the home of a friend who was watching Molly while her owner was deployed in Iraq. Amazingly, she's been located 1,000 miles away in Prescott Valley, Ariz. Thanks to a microchip, authorities tracked down her owner, and family members plan to care for Molly until her owner returns from a current assignment. — Read it at The Daily Courier

Scientists Find Evidence of Early Domesticated Animals in Sub-Saharan Africa

Among the many bones, tools and pottery found in a cave in Namibia recently, archaeologists also discovered two teeth that are consistent with modern African domesticated goats and sheep. The remains are between 2,190 and 2,270 years old. Previously, the oldest sheep bones found in the region dated to 2,105 years ago. — Read it at The New York Times

Disney Releases a Lady and the Tramp-Themed Ad for Shelter Pets

The motley crew from the Disney classic Lady and the Tramp appears in a new ad created for the Shelter Pet Project, featuring the tag line, “You are the best thing to happen to a shelter pet.” — See it at Facebook

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