Pet Scoop: Heroes Rescue Horses From Houston Flood, Stuck Kitten Freed From Toy

April 20, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Justin Nelzen, wearing a red vest, joins others to rescue up to 70 horses along Cypresswood Drive in Houston.
Justin Nelzen, wearing a red vest, joins others to rescue up to 70 horses along Cypresswood Drive in Houston.

Dramatic Horse Rescue on Video

When 75 horses were struggling to keep their heads above the quickly rising floodwaters that swept through the Houston area on Monday, volunteers came to their rescue. Heartbreaking video shows the horses nearly submerged, and their heroes wading through swollen creek waters to get to the animals. The horses are owned by Darolyn Butler at Cypress Trails, and she said 69 or 70 of them survived as the waters quickly rose 25 or 27 feet over the normal level. “Most of what you see [in the videos] were horses in the barn we were trying to move across the currents with boats ... or [horses] we thought had gone to a neighboring ranch [but were] trying to get back home, which is normal with horses," Butler said. At least one horse didn’t survive, and Butler was still missing five horses on Tuesday. She’s hopeful that they managed to get down the stream and emerge. More rain is expected in the area on Wednesday. At least seven people have died in the flooding and emergency crews have made more than 1,200 high-water rescues, reported CNN. — Watch it at ABC News

Dog Who May Have Been World’s Oldest Dies at 30

If only everyone’s dog could live as long as Maggie. The Australian Kelpie passed away on Saturday at age 30. She lived on a dairy farm in Victoria, Australia, alongside 30 cats. In a local news story late last year, her owner, Brian McLaren, said Maggie liked to sleep for about half the day. She’d lost her hearing but was otherwise in good health. Another Australian cattle dog, Bluey, is the oldest dog on record and lived to age 29, according to Guinness World Records. But McLaren lost paperwork proving Maggie’s age, so it’s unlikely she’ll appear in the record book. — Read it at Discovery News

Four Orcas Freed From Ice

Three adults and one baby killer whale were freed from the ice floes in Russia’s Far East in a challenging rescue operation on Tuesday. The Russian Emergencies Ministry worked with a local fishing company on a traditional fishing boat rather than a rescue vessel to save the orcas from a shallow area that was filled with ice and rocks. They moved large slabs of ice out of the orcas’ path by attaching a thick rope to a vehicle on the shore and towing them. Meanwhile, a team in the water guided the whales to freedom. “At around 6 am local time, the rescue operation successfully ended. Willy [the fourth killer whale] reached the open sea,” the ministry said in a statement. — Watch it at RT

Frosty, a 4-week-old kitten, was freed from a plastic toy by firefighters in England.
Frosty, a 4-week-old kitten, was freed from a plastic toy by firefighters in England.

Kitten Freed From Plastic Toy

A fluffy white 4-week-old kitten named Frosty found himself in quite a predicament on Monday night at his foster home in the U.K. His foster family called in fire crews to help after the little guy got his head stuck in a plastic toy. The Dudley Fire department used ring cutters, which are meant to remove a ring stuck from a person’s finger, to free Frosty from the toy, reported the U.K.’s Express and Star. Frosty was then happily reunited with Rebecca, age 5, and Evie, 3, who are helping to care for him. — Read it at People Pets

Teacher Saves Duck With 3D-Printed Feet

A duck who lost his feet to frostbite was about to be put down when a middle school engineering teacher in Wisconsin heard about his ordeal. The teacher, Mr. Jischke, immediately started making Phillip 3D-printed feet, and the duck took his first steps with them on Friday. By Monday, he was using them regularly in his new home with Brandon and Alyssa Herbst, who run an animal sanctuary. The feet are a temporary solution while the Herbsts work to find a college engineering department that can create a permanent solution for Phillip. — Watch it at Wisconsin’s WBAY


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