Pet Scoop: Injured Dog Saved by Police Officers, San Diego Zoo Welcomes Baby Rhino

Jan. 21, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

LAPD officers rescued Philly, who was hit by a car.
LAPD officers rescued Philly, who was hit by a car.

Thousands Raised for Pup’s Surgery

Earlier this month, three Los Angeles police officers stopped to help a 2-year-old Pit Bull and Shar Pei mix who’d been struck by a car. Officers Jennifer Cohen, Cindy Herrera and Valerie Lancaster drove the dog to a veterinarian, and where he had emergency surgery on a broken front leg and two fractured ribs. During the surgery, doctors found a microchip, but when the officers tracked down the dog’s owner, she made it clear she didn’t want him back. The officers, who named the dog Philly for an LAPD sergeant, agreed to raise funds to pay for his surgery. In just a week, 740 people have donated more than $20,000 on Chipin. Meanwhile, the officers are taking turns caring for Philly. "We're his foster mommies now, basically," Cohen said. "We trade off every couple of days, so he'll be in different homes. He's great around kids, and we give him different environments so he is ready to go to his forever home." — Read it at Today

Cats Adopt Their Owners’ Habits

You know how people and their pets start to look alike over time? Well, they also start to act alike. A new study found that indoor cats are likely to develop eating, activity and sleeping patterns that are similar to those of their owners. "Cats are intelligent animals with a long memory," said Jane Brunt, DVM, who’s the executive director of the CATalyst Council. "They watch and learn from us.” The study was published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior. — Read it at Live Science

Plus: While we’re on the subject of interesting cat behavior, how exactly did Holly, the cat who traveled 190 miles back to her Florida home, do it? Experts try to unravel the mystery. — Read it at The New York Times

Survey Reveals States With Highest Pet Ownership

Residents of Vermont are the most likely to have pets, according to a new survey by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Washington, D.C., a territory, had the smallest percentage of pet owners. Although the survey didn’t collect information on why some states had higher rates of pet ownership, the findings indicate the type of dwelling — rural vs. urban — played a role, a spokesman said. — Read it at ABC News

Mili the baby rhino gets a bottle.
Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo
Mili the baby rhino gets a bottle.

Baby Rhino Gets Bottle Feeding

Mili, a greater one-horned rhino, was born at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park on Dec. 13. Now 5 weeks old, her keepers bottle feed her twice a day to supplement her feedings from her first-time mom, Sundari, who hasn’t been able to give her all of the nutrition that she needs. Mili weighed 128 pounds when she was born, and is now up to 245 pounds, putting her right on track, her keepers say. — Read it at the San Diego Zoo

Facebook Kids Get Their Puppy

As promised, Ryan Cordell of Mansfield, Mass., got his five kids a puppy after they more than met the challenge of getting a million likes on a photo where they asked for one on Facebook last week. The family adopted Millie, who they think is a Labrador and shepherd mix, from North Shore Animal League America, a no-kill animal rescue and adoption center in Port Washington, N.Y. — See photo at Today

Bo Obama Starts His Second Term

It’s not only a big day for President Obama — his Inauguration also means the start of four more years in the White House for first dog Bo. Time magazine took the opportunity to look back at the Portuguese Water Dog’s first four years in office. — See photos from Time


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