Pet Scoop: Iraq Veteran K9 Gets Full Military Funeral, Kitten Lured From Drain With Burrito

Sept. 13, 2016: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Iireland served two tours in Iraq and retired seven years ago with her handler.
Iireland served two tours in Iraq and retired seven years ago with her handler.

K9 Veteran Dies at 13

A Belgian Malinois who served two tours in Iraq was honored with a military funeral on Saturday, complete with a horse-drawn caisson carrying her flag-draped coffin and a 21-gun salute. Iireland was 13 when she passed away last month. The public memorial service was held at Camp Nelson National Cemetery in Kentucky, although Iireland was laid to rest at a nearby farm because dogs can’t be buried at the cemetery. Iireland was adopted by her former handler, Sgt. Joshua Sutherland, after she was medically retired from her work sniffing out explosives to save the lives of fellow soldiers. She’d been part of Sutherland’s family as they moved from state to state over the last seven years. “There was no quit in that dog. She had more drive than five other dogs, and I don't have a bad memory of working with her," Sutherland said. — Watch it at Mississippi’s MS News Now

Study: Dolphins Recorded Having Conversation

Russian scientists say they have documented a conversation between two Black Sea dolphins using discrete words and sentences. The researchers suggest that each recorded pulse represents a word and that a “pack” of pulses together form a “sentence.” They say the dolphins used up to five discrete words in short sentences. The recordings “showed that the dolphins took turns in producing pulse packs and did not interrupt each other” and that it “resembles a conversation between two people,” the researchers said. Their findings were published in the journal Physics and Mathematics. — Read it at Seeker

Research Shows Cats Like to Work for Their Food

Researchers found that cats who are given food puzzles tend to be more physically fit and happy than cats with regular food bowls. They also have fewer behavioral problems like aggression and over-grooming. Food puzzles “provide cats with exercise and mental stimulation," said co-author Mikel Delgado, a doctoral candidate of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. The study was published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery. — Read it at Live Science

One of Lun Lun's twins, cub B, relaxes in the nursery at Zoo Atlanta.
One of Lun Lun's twins, cub B, relaxes in the nursery at Zoo Atlanta.

Panda Cub Lounges in Nursery

We couldn’t resist sharing this photo from Zoo Atlanta of one of Lun Lun’s twin cubs catching some shut-eye in the nursery. The twins are now more than a week old, and the zoo reports that its twin swapping strategy is working well so far. The cubs take turns spending time with their mom and in the nursery, where they get cozy in incubators with comfy pillows. The zoo says that in this picture, you can already see the cub’s black markings starting to show on its ears, eyes and front shoulders. Once the cubs are a little older, they can spend time with Lun Lun together. If things continue to go well, the baby pandas will be on display to the public in December or January. — Get updates at Zoo Atlanta via Facebook

Police Use Burrito to Rescue Kitten

When police officers in Parlier, California, found a kitten in a drainpipe on Monday morning, they got creative. Officer Jimenez and Officer Corona crawled into the pipe with their flashlights and meowed to the kitten and offered it a half-eaten burrito to lure it closer to them. It worked — they were able to get the kitty out safely and bring it to animal control. Now, the kitten might have a forever home with one of the officers. The police department says Officer Corona hopes to adopt the kitten — and name it Burrito. — Read it at KCRA Sacramento


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