Pet Scoop: Jacksonville Zoo Welcomes a Lion Cub, Cat Survives Two-Story Jump From Blaze

July 11, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

A lion cub was born at the Jacksonville Zoo.
The Jacksonville Zoo has a new female lion cub.

Jacksonville Zoo Announces the Birth of a Baby Lion

A female lion cub was just born at the Jacksonville Zoo in Florida. She’s only the second cub for mom Tamu, and the zoo says that she’s healthy and strong. This is the zoo’s first surviving lion birth since 1974, and keepers and veterinarians are closely monitoring her progress, while supplementing her nursing with bottle feedings. — Read it at Facebook

Move Over, Sundance . . . Cats Get Their Own Film Festival

They're already the stars of the Internet, so it’s only fitting that felines would finally have a film festival where they can showcase all of those cute — and hilarious — viral videos of them. The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis announced that it will host what’s believed to be the first International Cat Video Film Festival next month. Got a favorite? (We know you do.) You can nominate it here. — Read it at the LA Times

Headlines-Making Dog in Belfast Loses His Fight For Life

Lenox — a pup who'd been in legal limbo since wardens in Belfast deemed the pit bull-type dog a danger to the public and seized him from his owners in April 2010 — was put to sleep by city officials on Wednesday after a deadline for appeals had expired. The owners of the 7-year-old dog argued that he wasn't a pit bull (a breed that's illegal in the region), and had never attacked anyone. His saga even led to protests in New York, as well as a "Save Lenox" online campaign. — Read it at

A cat jumps to safety from a burning a apartment building in Las Vegas.
A cat jumps to safety from a burning apartment building in Las Vegas.

Cat Leaps From a Burning Building

As two buildings at a Las Vegas apartment complex went up in flames, residents who’d escaped the blaze noticed a gray-and-white cat looking over the edge of a second-story balcony. The crowd urged the cat to jump, so the brave kitty did — and survived with barely a scratch. — Watch it at People Pets

Barnyard Chickens Offer Clues in Cancer Fight

While researching an antibacterial substance that occurs naturally in animals, scientists were shocked to find a genetic variation in chickens that could successfully fight cancer cells, as well. The study's co-author says that the discovery could lead to other steps when it comes to combatting cancer. — Read it at Science Daily

It's Intervention Time for Tori the Smoking Orangutan

Tori, a 15-year-old orangutan who lives at a zoo in Indonesia, picked up a smoking habit by mimicking humans who would light up near her enclosure. In an effort to help her kick the 10-year-old habit, she's being moved away from visitors. — Watch it at Today

Comedian Really Wants to Meet a Popular TV Commercial Pup

Julie Klausner is making a name for herself — by trying to get Bush’s Best Baked Beans to let her pet Duke, the Golden Retriever who stars in their commercials. The comedian has launched a social media campaign to get Duke’s “people” to let her pet him. After a Huffington Post story was published about her efforts, Bush’s Beans tweeted a graphic saying that Duke loves Julie, too. “I appreciate it. But we’re not done here,” she responded. “I will not shut down my campaign until I pet that dog.” — Follow it on Klausner’s Tumblr Blog

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