Pet Scoop: Kangaroo Hops Into Australian Airport, Images Show How Cats See World

Oct. 17, 2013: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

An injured kangaroo hopped into an airport pharmacy in Australia.
An injured kangaroo hopped into an airport pharmacy in Australia.

Kangaroo Causes Commotion

A wayward kangaroo was reportedly injured by a vehicle before heading inside Melbourne Airport in Australia on Tuesday and jumping around the Qantas Airlines check-in area while stunned travelers looked on. Qantas, incidentally, has a kangaroo as its symbol and is known as “the flying kangaroo.” The skittish animal finally headed to the airport pharmacy, as if he was looking for treatment. There, he was tranquilized and rescued by trained volunteers from the animal emergency response service Wildlife Victoria. Last night, the group shared a photo of the “handsome superstar,” nicknamed Cyrus for one of his rescuers, on Facebook. They said he’s recovering well and they’re keeping a close eye on him after his “stressful ordeal.” — Watch it at The New York Times

Fallen Soldier’s Dog Saved From Fire

In 2007, Hero the dog made headlines when she was rescued by the family of Army Spec. Justin Rollins. Rollins had been photographed with a litter of puppies he and some other soldiers had found the night before he was killed in Iraq. The soldier’s family went to great lengths to bring home one of the puppies from the litter, and since then, Hero has been living with Rollins’ family in New Hampshire. But on Tuesday, he was rescued again — this time by firefighters. With no people at home, the house caught fire, and Hero was saved along with another dog and two cats. Hero had to be resuscitated and was treated at an animal hospital, but she’s expected to make a full recovery. — Read it at New Hampshire’s Nashua Telegraph

Scotland Zoo’s Panda Miscarries

Sadly, officials at the Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland say they believe giant panda Tian Tian has miscarried in the late stages of a pregnancy. The zoo had been on an intense cub watch for several weeks because they suspected a pregnancy. “Tian Tian's behavior and hormone results were reviewed, and have come to the conclusion that it is very likely she has lost the pregnancy," said Chris West, CEO for the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland. “Over the last few days she has returned to the normal eating and behavioral patterns of a non-pregnant panda.” Tian Tian was inseminated in April with a mixture of semen from her partner at the zoo, Yang Guang, and frozen semen from another panda. — Read it at Today

The 2-month-old orphaned manatee is being treated at SeaWorld Orlando.
SeaWorld Orlando
The 2-month-old orphaned manatee is being treated at SeaWorld Orlando.

Orphaned Manatee Rescued

The 2-month-old calf is getting around-the-clock care at SeaWorld Orlando after being rescued from the beaches of Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Base by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. He was spotted on the beach by turtle nesting surveyors, and his rescuers transported him to SeaWorld. There, the 90-pound manatee is getting regular tube feedings, and he joins three other orphaned manatees who are being rehabilitated. The park’s animal care team has designed a special formula for young manatees to make sure they’re getting the proper nutrition. In the wild, they would nurse from their mothers for two years.

Artist Captures Cat Vision

How does your cat see the world? Although felines and humans have a similar eye structure, cats’ vision has evolved to sense movement in low light. They lose some of the finer detail and color perception that humans see. Artist Nickolay Lamm consulted with ophthalmologists at the University of Pennsylvania's veterinary school to create a series of images comparing how cats and humans would view the same scene. While the visualizations are similar, the cats’ are bigger but blurrier than the humans’. It makes for a fascinating collection of images. — See images at Popular Science


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